New Shows To Check Out In 2018!

In our modern-day urban life, it becomes difficult to keep up with the latest programmes on the television. Most of us would, in fact, invest in watching a few episodes of a good series, that are short yet engaging in the little free time we are left with. As of now, India is slowly getting used to the concept of Video on Demand like most developed nations, where cable television is becoming increasingly irrelevant. That is why I shall be talking about some new programmes I would encourage my readers to check out. So, here are some cool new shows […]

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4 Nightdresses that your Partner will LOVE

One of the main reasons that people wear a nightdress is that it helps them feel cosy, comfortable, and if the occasion is such, a bit sexy too. I believe that a good nightwear is always a great find. Today we dive into how you can choose a great nightdress, according to your taste or purpose and look great in it. Plus, a few tips to help curvy ladies.   Pyjama sets : Cosy and comfortable pyjama sets are a great companion as everyday nightwear, but it does not need to be boring. I have seen great sets from Indian […]

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Top 10 tips for oily skin care & Products

Top 10 tips for oily skin care & Products main

When it comes to people with oily skin they have their own set of hassles to deal with it. In my opinion oily skin is much more difficult to manage as compared to dry skin. They always have the fear of getting pimples. God forbid if they forget to wash their face and let the oil stay, they would start shining like an alien! So today I bring tips which would be useful for girls or women with oily skin. I know you have a lot of worries and doubts about your skin and this article will most certainly help […]

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6 Skincare items that will keep your skin Younger

When it comes to taking care of our skin we often don’t do a lot for it. However, in a recent study, it was proven that people who start taking care of their skin from a younger age tend to have less skin related issues. It’s true that when it comes to looking good we often go overboard with makeup and other products but what we forget after removing that tonnes of makeup from our face is making our skin look healthy. After applying makeup it becomes a necessity for us to follow a good beauty regime so that our […]

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10 Makeup Items Brides Should Have In Their makeup Kit

A girl’s one of the most important days when she can fulfill all her desires to look like a princess in real life is none other than her wedding day. Her wedding day is a day where she can be the center of attraction, it’s a day when people will wait to see her face. With so much baggage going on she may feel worried or a bit apprehensive about how she should look like or what kind of makeup she should go for to make all the heads turn in her direction with everyone’s eyes filled with awe and […]

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