10 Makeup Items Brides Should Have In Their makeup Kit

A girl’s one of the most important days when she can fulfill all her desires to look like a princess in real life is none other than her wedding day. Her wedding day is a day where she can be the center of attraction, it’s a day when people will wait to see her face. With so much baggage going on she may feel worried or a bit apprehensive about how she should look like or what kind of makeup she should go for to make all the heads turn in her direction with everyone’s eyes filled with awe and admiration for her.  I know it may sound very difficult and scary to you, but what if I tell you what are the things a bride should definitely have in her Pandora box full of makeup? With that being said, today I bring you the 10 essential items every bride to be should have in her Makeup kit.


Let’s start from the basics of what she should have in her makeup kit.




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Okay, so I know many of you either don’t know what exactly the purpose of the primer is or you just don’t think it’s very important. However, I would like to tell you that this is one of the basic and most important things a girl should definitely have in her makeup set. In lay man’s terms a primer is the best friend of your foundation, yes you heard it right, it actually helps your foundation to set easily and prevents it from being cakey. When you apply primer it basically creates a very smooth surface on your skin, which helps in easier application of your foundation, another magical thing it does is to prevent the oil shine.


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So now let’s talk about another necessity in your makeup kit and that is none other than a foundation. While selecting a foundation we should keep in mind that it should only be one tone higher than our real shade otherwise it would not blend perfectly with our skin and make our face look like a piece of deformed pastry. Another important thing we shouldn’t forget is that the foundation you choose should give you something between a medium to full coverage.  Just make you sure you have blended the foundation well with your jawline and hairline and you would be good to go.  


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Another thing which we think is not that important on the wedding day. Well, I know you would be blushing all day on your wedding day, but a bit of red on the apple of your cheeks would make you look much younger and much appealing. So always have a good blush so that you can look lively on your wedding day. A blush will also help you look much more vibrant in your wedding photos.



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It’s always important for you to have a great palate of eye colors, one thing you should keep in mind while using eyeshadow is that it shouldn’t be heavy otherwise, all the attention would go directly towards your eyes making your face look completely plain. Try not to go overboard with the glitter eyeshadows and try to use colors which make your skin glow.



Another must item that you should have is, a good lip liner which matches exactly with your lipstick as it will make your lips look much fuller and bigger. If you are totally bored with the same routine of matching lipstick with a matching lip liner, then be a bit daring and try using a darker shade of lip liner with your lipstick to create an ombre effect on your lips which would simply look mesmerizing.


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Another very important thing in your makeup kit is a good quality lipstick which suits your skin tone. Try going with matte finish lipsticks if you are looking for a very stunning effect, a normal lipstick would also do the job if you are trying to keep things very simple. However, a matte finish is something ideal for every bride to be.


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Now this thing is not a necessity, but is something you should have in your makeup kit if you don’t have a very heavy make up. If you are sticking with a very simple base and eye color then you should definitely use lip gloss to enhance your lips as it would add that perfect touch to your face making you glow with simplicity.


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When it comes to eyes, eyeliner plays a very important role not only it adds that amazing kohl to your eyes, but it also makes your eyes look bigger and attractive. Applying a good winged eyeliner is no less than an art. Thus, eyeliner is something you should definitely have in your makeup kit. You should go for an eyeliner which stays for longer periods of times and is smudged proof, so that even if you cry your makeup doesn’t come off. A bit of kohl in the water line of your eyes can also do wonders in making you look more radiant.


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This is another omnipotent thing to save your eyes. A mascara will help you enhance your eyelashes. Now, I know many of you may think “who cares about the lashes?” However, as we all know wedding theme is one of the days in your life where you are full of adrenaline rush that you might not be able to sleep well and that is when a good mascara will come in rescue as it will make your eyes pop and remove any signs of insomnia you had been facing in the past couple of days.  The important thing while choosing a mascara should be that it should be non- flaky, which means when you apply it, it shouldn’t make your eyelashes clumped together.


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 Last, but not the least the most important thing in your makeup kit should be a good set of brushes. Yes, that’s right, you should definitely have a great set of brushes which would help you blend in your makeup well. A good set of brushes would also ensure that everything stays in its place and is set properly on your face without giving you that heavy feeling of tons and tons of layers on your face.



So these were some of the items you should for sure have in your makeup kit set, you can always go for a professional makeup kit sets if you want to. As they would contain everything you need along with a good brush set. However, as many of you know the price of a makeup kit set is pretty high and may not suit the budget of everyone. If that’s the case then definitely you should keep the above mentioned articles in your Pandora box aka your makeup kit. Another thing that I would suggest to all the beautiful bride-to be out there is drinking lots of water and staying happy because there is nothing as beautiful as a happy bride.



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