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Hello .
I’m here with my Makeup For beginners series. . This post will try to solve the most frequent problems of a Beginner . .

Lets Start :

For everyone I would like to suggest that makeup may play in making anyone look magical in minutes but the true beauty lies within ones self . .So to discover that is the greatest goal of all . .
Being a beginner you must understand that only the face is not the center of attraction . Yes, we usually first judge someone by their face but only achieving a beautiful face should not be your goal.
Makeup can make you look better but at first you will have to take care fo your skin regularly to help it become healthy..

A Quick Story: I had gained weight in the past few months and was desperately trying to lose it. I took a photo of my previous face and from the first of the month went for jogging, consumed two glasses of fruit juice( I used to have Grapes) , milk, low fat foods . .Homemade Momo’s etc . .
After two weeks I took a photo and compared with the previous one. Not only was my skin glowing but also I lost weight, I felt energetic and happy too.
So only beauty products will not ensure a beautiful skin or face , you need to keep your body healthy from within . .

So To Get A Healthy Skin I Suggest:

  • Drink 2 liters of water a day . .I always drink like 4-5 liters . .:P . I know it sounds funny but I usually drink water a lot.
  • No Coffee .No Junk food. No Spicy Food . . Say bye to those street foods and Coffee . .They may be yummy to eat but have high amount of fat and are made with substandard oils and materials. Try to have homemade food as much as possible.
  • Sleep is a crucial part. Even if you have a tight schedule sleep as sleeping less creates dark circles.
  • Do you know film stars eat boiled chicken with no salt at all. Having salt decreases the skin’s glow. .Well I could not do that but I made it a rule not to have salt separately . . 
  • Have Ghee, Butter and Cheese sparingly. They just add Calories.
  • Follow Cleansing -Toning- Moisturizing regimen . .

Now for some products every Makeup Newbie girl should invest in . .

  • A good Face Wash . . Check what your skin type is and choose a face wash accordingly. Don’t use a face wash meant for oily skin when you actually have dry skin . .I use Clean & Clear ones and also Himalaya One. . Mine has got Saffron and Mint . .It feels Cool even after I wash my face and I feel the coolness for like 30 mints . :)
  • A good cleanser is a must . . I may suggest Himalaya Cleanser. Its cheap and is herbal so no harsh chemicals
  • A toner . .I prefer Avon ones(They are available from Avon Rep’s and are like always on discounts),  I also prefer the Nivea Visage one . .I’ll do a post on it later on. .:)
HipHop Strawberry Face Scrub

  • A scrub . .If you have very little blackheads then Use ‘Clean and Clear‘ ones. .You can also use HipHop ones . I am using the Strawberry one . .Reviewed Here. . Or for those with severe blackheads you may use the Ponds Volcanic Clay one which comes with a Brush thingy for better removal. Or use the Garnier Blackhead Scrub . .
  • If you have tanned you may want to go for a Anti-Tan Face pack  . .Try to go to a salon and get it done professionally . Later on you can use an Anti Tan Face Pack available at market . .I use Himalaya Herbals Fairness Face Pack . .I use it twice a week and follow it up with a bleach session once a month.

  • Do not wax your side locks or your Face . .Thread or go for Laser . .Waxing makes skin lose its elasticity quickly.
  • Wax your hands and feet . .Creams harm the skin. . If you don’t like going for hot wax , invest in the wax strips available like Veet, or ones from HipHop.
  • Invest in a Good Body lotion or body butter to keep your skin hydrated. You may try the Body Shop one In Strawberry(Body Butter) . .It smells Awesome . .:) Or I may also suggest a Nivea one. .They also have a Fairness Body Lotion. It helps in evening out the skin on hands and feet. (Though it takes time to yield results)
  • For those with dark elbows and knees use lemon juice on the area daily. Also scrub these areas with a homemade scrub of olive oil and sugar granules .
  • Remove all traces of Makeup before going to bed and use a night cream if possible.
  • Give rest to eyes. Try to spend less hours before the computer or T.V. . Use Cucumber slices to Relax eyelids and to decrease puffiness.

I hope this sums up the necessary items for anyone trying to achieve beautiful skin .


  •  You won’t see results overnight so be patient. But if you try to keep your body healthy you will definately see improvement in your skin. 
  • Use products which suit your skin type. Don’t go for products which you have doubts on. Read reviews and comments online and then decide which product should be ideal for you
  • Use homemade packs for skin . .Fummers earth and rose water pack, Turmeric- Chandan- Rose water pack,Besan- Milk face pack  . .Oats- Honey .They all have been used for generations and work really well for skin . .

Phew . .!!! This was really a long post . .Hope I could more- or -less sum up all the things which a Makeup- Newbie needs to start her Skincare Journey.

Please do add to the list if I forgot something . .:)

Have a Nice Day . .Please Comment and Subscribe to my site.

With Love
Shabby (SGD)

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