Oriflame Raspberry Lip Stain

Hello Beauties . .
I’ve been quite impressed by the Oriflame Red lip stain for few months now and I was determined to check it out.
But for me finding a Representative was the biggest problem as I don’t want someone coming to the house and someone pushy ,more specifically. I usually view the on-line catalogs and note down the products to order and either sms or give the note personally. But enough of this. . I wanted to try this out this month and so ordered it . The Rep was sweet enough to provide me a 40 rs discount (Yayyyyy !!!!) But after I came home I discovered that it was Raspberry one. . But after watching it on my hand and applying on my lips I truly loved the color.

Oriflame Clickit Raspberry Lip Stain

The Bottle is as tall as my index finger . .It’s so Cute . .And if you buy two from this series (ClickIt) you can also join them using a clickit joiner . .It has an average sized Doe foot applicator which I do not have any problem to.
The product may look like very small amount compared to an lip gloss . .But this is a stain and you need very little amount of product .
The color is a dark pink. It looks very dark in the bottle but on the hand it looks way lighter.
Those who have pigmented lips may use this as this covers pigmented lips wonderfully.

Oriflame ClickIt Raspberry Lip Stain

The lip stain stays long, if applied in the right way . .

  • Apply lipstain evenly on your lips covering all pigmentation 

  • Let the product dry for 20/30 minutes. . Don’t drink or eat anything. For those who lick your lips, keep your lips away . . 😛

I have used this method and the stain stayed for like 7-8 hours . .:O
I was so impressed. No hourly touch ups needed . . Just follow the application steps and you will have lovely color on your lips the whole day. This may be the best option for those who want to sport dark lips in the day. The stain brightens up your face so you may keep the makeup for rest of the face minimal .


  • Price is cheap i.e 169/- and you also get it for less in offers . .
  • Staying power is awesome . .Like 7-8 hours with light snacks.
  • The stain has a Sweet taste. . Like Suger syrup is added to the stain.
  • The smell is also good and disappears after a while
  • Available in two colors . .I wish there were more . .Red and Raspberry
  • Covers pigments and is rich in color


  • Only available through Oriflame Representatives
  • Smell might be a bit overpowering to those who have a sensitive nose( For me it was no prob)

Now the Swatch :

Oriflame ClickIt Raspberry Lip Stain

I’ll give it <3 <3 <3 <3  . .One <3 Deducted for availability and smell . .:)

Thank you for dropping by . .Have a great day . .


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  1. This is awesome. I got it from my friend, she is an Oriflame representative. I love it totally. With this lip-stain, I could get a range of looks. From cute natural pink shade for any regular outing to a more dramatic party look by adding little gloss, I had it all.

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