Revlon Vital Radiance Moisture Boosting Lipcolor Rich Rose

Hello Beauties,

Here’s another lipstick I adore . .This one was recently gifted to me and from the moment I opened the cap it was like Love At First Sight . .
OK . . That’s a bit too much . .I know but really this is a very splendid color. Not too bright, not too light . .It’s the right shade to perk up your boring day . .
You must have realized till now that I’m like crazy about it. 
But lets see if it is really worth you to try 
Revlon is an American makeup brand and is well known in India . . 
The Lipstick I’m reviewing today is from their Vital Radiance
series . .
And the shade is called Rich Rose

Revlon Vital Radiance Rich Rose
The lipstick came in a plastic casing . .With a small leaflet  . .Here’s how it looks inside the casing

Revlon Vital Radiance Rich Rose
The Lipstick has a beautiful smell . .Like Rose . .
It’s not overpowering but the smell actually makes me happy . .
I really love this lipstick . .:)

Revlon Vital Radiance Rich Rose
The color is of a bright pink .It has a hint of orange but the shade would suit fair ladies very much. The shade has the ability to brighten up your face instantly.
It looks a bit dark in the bullet but if you apply it with a brush lightly it appears a medium-dark pink.
Here’s how it looks on my hand

revlon vital radiance rich rose-Single swipe-With Flash
It is transferable. So be cautious. Staying power is around 4 hours with light drinks or snacks. 
It does not stain my lips and comes off easily with a cleanser. 
It does not have any shimmer in it so for a party look you may apply a clear gloss above it.

revlon vital radiance rich rose-Single Swipe- Without Flash


  • Beautiful color, Just love it
  • Smells great and not too overpowering
  •  Easy to carry . .
  • Priced Decently . .It was gifted so I did not knew it’s price. But for this review I searched around the internet to find it’s available at Rs. 295-300.
  • Quantity 1.4 gm.
  • No shimmer, matte and can be topped with clear gloss.


  • Availability may be a problem cause I don’t see this on-line or at the shops
  • Transferable
  • May not suit darker skin tones
Overall Verdict . .Would love to repurchase. 
But if I find some more beautiful colors would definitely try them too
♥♥♥♥½♥ . . ½  deducted for the availability . .
Otherwise I’m totally in love with this product.

                                                 Rich rose

 So ladies what do you think? Like this lippie?
Share your views and suggestions
With Love

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