Avon Simply Pretty Lipstick in ‘Whisper Pink’

Hello Everyone,

I had done a mini haul post a few days back and now I want to show you another item of that haul . To see the Haul Post. Click Here

I had ordered Whisper Pink and Coral Pink from this month’s catalog and today I’m going to review Whisper Pink . .

Avon Lipsticks are the most affordable lipsticks with large variety of colors. The main problem is finding a good Representative and selecting colors from the catalog  . .The catalog is very misleading but these two shades I’ve heard a lot about online so I gave them a try. .

Avon Simply Pretty Lipstick Whisper Pink
Price :169/- (On sale at 119/- for one, two for 199/-)

Packaging: I really like the new packaging and feel at this price it is pretty decent. The lipstick is easy to carry and shuts tightly so you can easily carry it in your purse or handbag.

Texture: It is creamy and glides well . . No need to tug or pull and does not dry out the lips.
Color: The color is a very natural pink light pink. It’s not baby pink but it is really close to my natural lip color . Pigmentation is medium so those with dark lips this one will not cover your pigmentation.
With Flash
Staying Power: It’s staying power is low. It stayed max 3 hours for me. And you need to build up the color. So I apply a layer, bolt and then reapply. I also use a lip liner underneath so with these you can make it stay a bit longer.
Without Flash
  • Budget Friendly
  • Very nice color . .I think it’s a very good Everyday use lipstick. Good for Working Ladies too
  • Does not dry out lips
  • Creamy texture, no need to pull or tug
  • No harsh smells
  • Cute and travel-friendly packaging
  • I think this shade will suit all complexions


  • Only available through Representatives
  • Pigmentation is medium, you need to build color 
  • Will not cover pigmentation
  • Staying power low (3 -3.5 hours max)

Now the million dollar Question: Will I repurchase?

~Yes . .I love this pink. It’s very close to my Natural Lip color. It’s not my MLBB shade but sometimes when I go out and I don’t want to look as if I have makeup on(And Yet want to look Presentable) I use this shade and it looks Oh-So-Natural . .I’ve used this shade twice and I just love it  . .

Now for the Remaining Pics:

With Flash
With Flash
With Flash
Without Flash
Please Excuse the Uneven Application. I didn’t have the Lip Brush with me . .:(

So I give this shade a  4/5 from me . .

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Shabby (SGD)

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