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Hello Ladies,

I got a very good response from my previous Makeup For Beginners post so thank you all for supporting me. Your appreciation helps me to boost my confidence.

A Woman’s face is the centre of attraction so we must take special care of it. Following the tips for Skincare we will now move on to finding the best investments for a Newbie . . Specifically for Face Products . .

  • Know your skin type. We must know our skin type so that we can choose wisely our Makeup products. . Don’t buy things without making sure it suits you. 
  • Foundation: This is the most difficult part for any newbie. Finding the right shade of Foundation can be very tricky. I used to wear a wrong shade when I was a teen cause I used to blindly listen to the SA that that was my shade. You need to experiment a lot. Look around and test the available brands and their shades. Try to match them with your face(If Possible). Foundations can be different in coverage also, some provide full coverage, some cover medium and so on.
  • Foundation Type: Today foundation comes in a lot of mediums . You get liquid ones, Pancakes, Sticks, Cream to Powder ones, Mousse ones etc . .So you need to check out what suits your needs.
    I’d like to say that I really like Lakme Silk Naturalle ones. . They are reasonably priced(Rs 275) and do a good job. . Also try Maybelline Mousse Foundations. These are super light and glide fabulously .

  • A concealer: A concealer is essential to hide discoloration or spots or to cover dark circles. These work wonders. I love the Maybelline ones. You can also try Colorbar Concealer or Oriflame Studio Concealer..

  • A pressed powder or loose powder. Invest in a pressed or loose powder to set your whole face makeup, so that it stays longer. I use the Lakme Perfect Radiance one. . It does a fine job and I carry it in my purse for quick touch- ups. Also you can invest in a Maybelline pressed compact. Or try Avon Simply Pretty one. It’s cheap and does an okey-ish job

  • A blush– A hint of rosy-ness or a bit of color on the cheeks make you look beautiful so try some blushes. I prefer Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush. You can also try Lakme Blush . .Try the shades. Choose whether you want a bright color or a simple day-wear color. Decide as per your requirements

  • A highlighter: A highlighter creates contours and makes your face appear more shapely . .Use a Lakme Absolute ones available to highlight your face and create contours
  • For Beginners I would also want to suggest that you should all invest in some good quality brushes . .A foundation and Concealer brush, A blusher brush and A powder brush . I have a foundation and concealer brush from Faces and A blusher brush from a Revlon Set which I feel works great. And A powder brush from Vega . . Also invest in some makeup sponges and a good quality makeup remover so that you can easily remove your makeup.

Hope you get some ideas on how to start your Makeup journey . .On Monday I’ll do a post on Makeup For Beginners -eye and Lips . . See you around ..

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Take Care . .
Shabby (SGD)

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