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Hello Everyone,

At first I confess that I really don’t like going to the  Counters for Makeup shopping. I get easily convinced and in past every time I used to buy from a Counter the SA would convince me into taking a shade or a product which I will regret buying later. So, I nowadays have resented to buying online. I get great prices, pay cash on delivery and also I get multiple brands under one roof.

So on such an online shopping impulse I bought a Lipstick from , and I want to share my experience with you.

The shade is Lotus Herbals Pure Color Carnation – Reviewed Here

I had ordered this lipstick on Friday and got the delivery on Tuesday, which was pretty quick.

Here I apologize for the delay in putting up this post. This week was a very Hectic one, I had my Birthday, My Dad’s as well and then my Sis fell Ill and so I could not blog properly.

Now Moving On:-

I usually purchase more than one item on a single order,but as this was my first purchase I just ordered one Lippie to check its service.

Here is how the Package looked. The Lipstick was the single product but it came in a huge box. . 😛

Online Shopping-

Online Shopping
After opening the box I found layers of Newspaper folded as to keep the product in place while shipping -Opening the Box
And the product was packed in a large transparent plastic packet and wrapped in a Bubble wrap. The bubble wrapped product came in this Plastic pack

Bubble Wrapped Lipstick-
And the product came sealed in an outer plastic casing which I tore so SORRY I could not show that to you. Here is the Product.
Lotus Herbals Pure Color Carnation-
I really loved it’s service and will repurchase again from them .Actually I’ve placed another order with them . .Hoping to get it by Wednesday. 🙂
I really hope they re-stock their products as many are out of stock. If these out-of-stock products are available I’m gonna surely grab them this time. 
Ease Of browsing : 4/5
Placing Order : 4.5/5
Shipping : 4/5
Packaging : 4/5
Customer Support  : 4/5
I really recommend this site to everyone. I think they have an awesome price. Even if some products are out-of-stock they have a lot to offer. So Ladies check it out soon . .
Here is the link :

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