Things Beginners Should Try

Hello everyone,

I had a tough time choosing what would suit me in my early days regading makeup. So this post will be helpful to all those who want to start their makeup collection . .

Basically you need some important stuff. And the rest can be ibcluded when you have understood your needs . .

  1. A Good Moisturizer: A good moisturiser helps in keeping face hydrated . .Use a body lotion too to help keep your skin hydrated and supple. 
  2. A Scrub , Cleanser and a Toner: These are the main parts of anyone’s makeup routine so invest in some.
  3. A good foundation . .Try liquid ones at first . .A good option may be Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation and Lakme Silk Naturalle ones. .They are cheap and work well . . Determine skintone, and match it with a suitable shade, don’t buy a shade lighter. It will not make you look fairer. 🙂
  4. A blush: Try single shades rathe than a pallette . .Use powder ones or mousse ones. Use Lakme blush and also try Maybelline Mousse Blush . .They are cheap and suit Indian skintones well .
  5. An Eyeliner: Get a felt tip one from Lotus or Colorbar(Not pen ones) and if you have steady hands (Unlike me :P) you may try Avon Simply pretty eyeliner or for a liner which stays long, try Maybelline gel liner . . 
  6. A mascara: A good cheap one is the Maybelline Hyper curl mascara, or the Colossal one . .If you intend to use makeup remover then only buy Waterproof ones . .As they are hard to remove.
  7. Kajal: A good cheap and long lasting Kajal is The Colossal kajal From Maybelline . .You can also try the Avon one which has a smudger .
  8. Lipsticks: Now here is a tricky thing . .You need to determine your skin tone and whether you have warm tone or cool tone . .Some who are lucky are neutrals who can carry simply anything . .After determining this you must now categorize the lipsticks you want to buy . .
  • For Pink shades: Maybelline Pink petal, Hooked on pink, Make me pink, Revlon vital radiance rue rose, lakme 129,lakme absolute Elegant Bloom, Lip Lush . .And try the Avon ones too . .They are dirt cheap (Usually 99/- on sales) and offer a wide range or colors . .Whisper pink, coral pink, Amethyst etc are really cool pinks that would suit everyone
  • For Brownish or nude shades try: Maybelline chocolate temptation, totally toffe, lakeme 663, Lakme 419, 527, 528, 553 etc are good shades . .
  • For Reds: Maybelline Glamorouus Red, Elle18 Roasty Red, Avon Cherry Red are good shades ..
  1. For Eyes you can buy a large pallette . .If you are comfortable paying online then get the Coastal Scents 88 pallette  . .They have decent shipping and you can also try VOV 88 shade pallette . .They are available online and in local stores . Also invest in a good angeled eyeshadow brush for smooth application and a eyeshadow brush to blend it in .
  2. Nail Paints : Invest in a French manicure set . .You can get one online, or but the shades separately .A french manicure looks pretty on any day. For bright colors, Keep a dark shade which you may wear for parties or traditional events . .A red or a Bright Maroon works great. A nude nail paint is a must too . .Try Sweet Pink From Avon Simply Pretty series, A summery shade . .Like Coral or Orange tones . . These are varible as  each person has a different taste . .So please pick up shades according to your preference.

So this sums up the basic Beauty Items a Beginner should indulge in . .It might sound easy but it takes numerous trials and errors to find out what suits your skin and what not.

Please keep in mind :

  • Please Do Not buy cheap makeup , buy from reputed stores and reputed brands as dupes and fakes of original makeup are available and you could get fooled.
  • Swatch and try lipsticks, if possible on your lips so that you know that it suits you and you will be comfortable wearing it. Nail colors are the same . .Check whether you really want to use this color
  • Foundations :The perfect shade of foundation is really hard to find so try shades and do not buy if you have doubts. .Do not buy shades lighter than your skintone . .
  • If you use a waterproof makeup item, use a cleanser or makeup remover and remove all traces of makeup before going to bed.
  •  Store makeup in a cool dry place and in a hygenic place so that they stay good for longer
  • Don’t use Expired makeup items . .Check the Mfg. date of all makeup items  . . So that you may use it for a long time

Which item do you think you would never live without???? I think I can’t live without my Cleanser, Toner and Scrub  . 🙂

With Love
Shabby (SGD)

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