Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner -Black

Hey Dearies,

So it’s getting chilly and due to the sudden dip in temperature I’m down with a nasty fever . .
So I was unable to do any posts for you guys . Sorry . 
But I’m a bit well now and Today I have a very nice product review to share with you. 
I have been using this product everyday since I got it and it has been a very useful product.
 Let’s see what I find interesting.
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I’ve been a fan of Maybelline products from the start of my Makeup Obsession and when I heard great reviews of this I had to pick it up


The Product comes in a cardboard packaging.
The small tub and the applicator brush comes along the packaging .
The small tub looks tiny in ones hand and it has a large bottom. The cap looks way cheap and flimsy . Only 2.8gm product is provided and the amount seems very less but this small tub goes a long way.
I just can’t get enough of it . .I really like the product.


The texture is very smooth and glides easily without lumps and is very easy to use.
I’m very bad with liquid liners and I had no problem at all with applying this with the brush .
It’s not matte and provides a shiny black line which looks very good. 
And after a while the glossy-ness fades but the intense-ness does not leave.
 It takes a cleanser or a makeup remover to wipe it off. It is waterproof and smudge proof.
It stays on the waterline for long. I have observed it stays on my waterline for 3-4 hours. 
after which it gradually fades but it does not smudge. On the lids it stays for 8 hours easily. 
When I applied this one at 6pm and went pandal hopping, this baby lasted me till I wiped it off at 3am when I returned home.
It is a really great product. 
All of those ladies who want a deep black liner that is waterproof, smudge proof and also affordable then try this one.


I love intense black for my eyes as I feel the eyes are the window to the soul and this gives blackest black color. The product is available in a brown variant also. Also you can try two new variants- Gold and Brown & Black and silver too. .   These two come in dual toned tubs.


Here are the swatches for the liner . .

I’m so in love with this product . .I feel it’s affordable and does what it claims…


  • Easily available
  • Affordable
  • Available in two variants -Black & Brown and also in two other mixed variants -gold and Brown & Black and Silver
  • Comes with an applicator brush
  • Glides easily, does not clump and no need to pull
  • Intense black color and gives a shiny black output.
  • Lasting time is 8 hours easily on lids and 3 hours on waterline
  • Smudge proof and water proof
  • I did not feel any irritations and problem with this liner even on the waterline


  • The quantity could have been more
  • The product has a tenancy to dry up, so replace the lid as soon as your application is over

A Tip:

  • To ensure the brush working beautifully after each use wipe it with a tissue or a soft cloth, and if you see stains on it use a cotton ball soaked in Cleanser to wipe off all traces of the gel and then leave it to dry. 
  • Do not keep the liner lid open for long and avoid using it under the Fan. 

Would I suggest it?

Yes . .
I have suggested all my friends to try this out as this works wonders at a very pocket friendly price.

Hope all of you have noticed these Cute smileys . .I’m loving these . .

Have a great Week ahead and I’ll see you soon . .

With Love


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