Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Brightening Berry

Hello Dearies,

Well I am a strawberry scent addict. I love anything with a hint of strawberry in it.
I am currently using many products especially strawberry scented ones . 
So when I came to know about Clean & Clear’s new Face wash range, I just had to try. 
And it’s obvious that I chose the strawberry one. . 
Well the name says berry but I love the strawberry scent
So now I move on to the review 
The face wash is not very different than the regular Clean & clear face washes and 
only has small beads in it. 
The beads are of different sizes and are in different shades of pink . So Girly right?
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It has a very sweet strawberry smell and my Sis loves this so much.
The smell is not too overpowering and stays for 10 minutes max and then dissapears.
The face wash has a runny consistency and a pale pinkish tint to it. 
The face wash lathers good but not very much. 

I am very happy with this product and have used up my second bottle a few days back. Am using my third one right now.


  • Easily Available
  • Comes in two different quantities and three different variants (berry, green apple and citrus)
  • Price is also decent Rs 95 for 100ml
  • Gentle on skin and can be used by kids too
  • Attractive smell
  • Does not over dry skin


  • Does not lather very much
  • Does not prevent oiliness 


Now Comes the Question

Is this product good for you?

- Yes if you want a gentle face wash that will not dry your skin and will also smell like strawberry then this is for you. 

Also this is good for kids too . I mean for those under 12 years too as this one is very gentle on skin and my sis has been using this everyday so I can assure you i will not cause any irritations. 
(She is 11+ )

Next I want to try the Green apple one :)

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With Lots Of Love


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