Three Avon Festive Special Shades- Amber Glitters, Glittering Amethyst, Deep Garnet

Hey Dearies,

I am sorry for not posting this post Yesterday as I was very busy . .With what??? Shopping for my Sisters Birthday (today) so very sorry.

Now I know many of you May have not noticed the recent changes in the Giveaway . .
I have added a surprise gift and extended the period of the Contest. 
So those of you who want to Participate . .
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So I received my Avon products on Friday. So I had ordered three Lippies and two nail paints

 Now Lets Move on to the Shades

Deep Garnet

A very Festive red color with minute glitter particles . 
The color is bright and I feel this is great for evening occasions. 
The glitters are very tiny and not OTT and I simply love the color.
 Imagine a shimmery version of the Simply Pretty Cherry Red Color.
Without Flash- Deep Garnet
With Flash -Deep Garnet


Amber Glitters

This is a very nice color. A brown shade with very little sparkles or glitters. .
Though the name says Amber Glitters, I see very little glitters in it.
This shade is perfect for anyone who prefers Brownish shades. 
As for me, though I don’t like brownish shades I am perticularly loving this shade. I don’t know why.
With Flash- Amber Glitters

Without Flash-Amber Glitters

Glittering Amethyst

Glittering Amethyst is a Bright Pink shade with Subtle shimmer particles. 
This shade is also apt for a festive night or even Day. 
For those bright pink Salwars and Sarees this color would go perfectly with it.
 It’s bright and bold.
Glittering Amethyst-Without Flash

Glitering Amethyst -With Flash

Now Moving on to the Swatches

Deep Garnet, Amber Glitters,Glittering Amethyst- With Flash

Deep Garnet, Amber Glitters, Glittering Amethyst- Without Flash


  • Perfect for Evening Occasions
  • Does not dry up lips
  • Does not settle in fine lines
  • Bright colors
  • price is also reasonable, this month’s offer 139 for one . .Buy two and get one free. So you get 3 shades for 278 /-


  • Glittery shades are not everyones Favourite
  • Only available through Avon Representative

So Will I repurchase?

-No, I think these will last me a lot time so I won’t repurchase

So Dearies,Hope you all have a very wonderful and safe Dewali. . .

Take Care


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