Vaseline Total Moisture CocoaGlow Lotion

Hello Ladies,

Well, I have been a lover of Vaseline Body Lotions from a long time and currently own more than two variants . 

The one I am using right now is Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow 24hr nourishing Lotion for soft and glowing skin. I am very impressed by this product and I feel everyone should give this a try.

Vaseline total moisture Cocoa Glow lotion leaves your skin feeling soft and glowing . The 24hr nourishing formula combines pure cocoa butter+ stratys 3- multi layer moisture  . .Infusing moisture at the top, core and deep down layers of the skin, to ignite it’s natural glow.


Packaging is mostly the same as other Vaseline Lotions, the only difference is that it has a light brownish bottle with a dark- brown flip cap. 
The Pacakging looks attractive as I feel it stands out from the usual Vaseline lotions.


The consistency is thick unlike the Aloe Fresh lotion which is relatively runny in consistency. 
The smell is what attracted me toward this Lotion. It smells so nice , just like Candies. 
The smell is so nice I keep opening the cap just to take in it’s smell. 
The thick consistency makes it very good for the winters.
 It absorbs into skin with gentle massage and stays for a long time. 
I apply it after bath and it keeps my skin hydrated for more than 7 hours. 
I apply it twice or thrice. I apply it in the morning,(sometimes in the afternoon) and before going to bed and it works great.
 It keeps skin soft and moisturised.
 My skin , specially my hands tend to become very dry and this keeps them moisturized.


  • Easily available at any local store
  • Price is very reasonable Rs 169 for the 300ml bottle and the 100ml one costs 69
  • Smells very nice and smell stays for like 4-5 hours
  • Consistency is thick so keeps skin supple for long
  • Moisturizes skin for more than 7 hours
  • Not sticky or greasy


  • none

Some Final Words

I feel everyone should give this Lotion a try. If you want try the 100ml pack at first.
 I feel this lotion may not moisturise skin for 24 hours but lasts 7 hours easily. 
For best results apply it after bathing. 
The smell is heavenly and If you try this one you will not regret it.

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With Love,


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