Determine Your Skin Type!!!


 Skin care is an important part in any woman’s personal grooming. Makeup plays a part right, but without healthy skin, makeup alone will fail. Skincare and healthy diet helps one to maintain a good skin and provide a great base for makeup.

Today, the skincare market is booming and there’s a plethora of products available for the users. These products are usually the same and contain similar ingredients and chemical components. Good skincare relies on using the best products for your skin type. Each person has a unique skin type and it’s necessary to understand what type of skin one has. Knowing the skin type helps in selecting the best products for the skin and saving the woes of choosing something which will never work on your skin type.

Universally there are some basic skin types which are common and majority of people fall into these categories. To determine the skin type you have you need a simple test:

Get up and go wash your facial skin with water. If you have makeup on then remove it and wash skin with water. Pat dry or let the water to dry naturally. After 10 minutes take out a tissue paper and use it to blot on the T zone area (Forehead, nose and chin). If you see oil on your tissue paper then you have oily skin, if your skins starts to feel taut while drying then you have dry skin and if you neither feel your skin becoming drier nor see any oil on the T zone you have normal skin. Here we present some characteristics of the major skin types :

    1. Oily Skin: If you feel your skin turns oily or greasy easily irrespective of place, season or humidity then you have oily skin. This greasiness is evident throughout the face and you get oily even after washing your face. Oily skin tends to be acne prone due to the excessive oil production but is generally healthier than dry skin. 
    2. Dry Skin: If you feel the need to moisturize skin often and your skin feels taught o dry after washing then you have dry skin. Dry skinned ladies face flaking, dry patches and lack of moisture and healthy glow.  It is also very common for dry skin to show signs of ageing at early age.
    3. Normal Skin: This is the easiest to maintain skin and only some lucky people own it. If you feel no need to moisturize your skin or see any oils after washing face then you have normal skin. Normal skinned ladies have the best skin type as they don’t need to keep blotting oil or use moisturizer to moisten face often. Most skincare items suit them and makeup is also easy to maintain.
    4. Combination Skin: A large number of ladies fall into this category. The main feature here is that the T zone remains relatively oily than the rest of the face. The rest of the face stays relatively dry and may even become chapped. 
    5. Sensitive skin: There is one type of skin which is very sensitive to any foreign element. It tends to react easily and may even cause acne, skin irritations and redness. Wrong products may lead to permanent damage too. 
      So while checking that skincare counter always mention your skin type or let an experienced professional determine it. Use products specially designed for your skin type to avoid any discomfort. Usually dry skinned ladies need lots of hydration whereas the oily skinned ladies need products to keep oil away.

      Also I must stress this out that no matter what your skin type you should always follow a Cleansing Toning Moisturizing regime. The ritual helps maintain skin and cleanse away the harmful skin elements.
      So hopefully you now know about the different skin types and also about how to determine yours… 
      Will be seeing you guys soon :)

      Shabby G

      Sayantani Ghosh Dastidar 

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