Do Men Need Skincare???

Men, especially men in India are truly obsessed with their masculinity. They are reared in such a mindset that it becomes a necessity for them to be as far away from all things which are considered womanly. Likewise, the Womanly skincare items are not at all their cup of tea and they remained faithful to that old rough, tough and carefree attitude.

Women are more prone to criticism about their looks than men, maybe that’s the sole reason for their obsession with beauty. But today even men are finding it tough to please women. Many would remember the days when women would never judge a man with their looks and their parents would be more concerned about the prospective bride’s family and monetary condition than their looks.

But today, much of it has changed. Today, a person’s outer looks define their attitude and confidence; while very few are perfect, it never hurts to polish up yourself to match up with the society. Today, with the men’s skincare market booming with many skincare items like face washes, creams, lotions, shaving and grooming kits as well as fairness creams it’s difficult to keep up.

There are constant contradictions about the use of such skincare items which are often deemed womanly, but to sum it up we must say a neatly groomed person is sure to attract attention than some unkempt lad. Persona grooming and appearance says a lot about a person.

Here we made a small list of products commonly used by MEN:

  • Face wash and scrub: Well, this is no stunner at all. We all live in polluted cities and towns where the air is filled with dirt, smoke and harmful substances. It’s a necessity to wash face with a face wash after coming back from a long day. It’s also easy to remove oil and grime and keep skin shine free. There are many face washes specially formulated for men. Scrubs are also available for men to keep their skin feeling fresh. 
  • Body Lotions and Creams: Men have to stay outdoors and their skin pays a toll for this. Men need to keep their skin moisturized so that it tends to be less flaky and dehydrated. Healthy skin is a necessity as no grooming can replace it. Today, specially formulated lotions and creams are available to cater the needs of men.

  • Shaving and more: A well groomed man needs to be well shaved and well-kept and this calls for some good shaving and grooming tools. There are a plethora of shaving and grooming products available. Today, even electric shavers and personal grooming kits are available. 

  •  Men’s facials and face packs: This is a serious one indeed. The image of women applying face pack and men making fun of it is so deeply rooted in the minds of men that it’s very common for men to keep distance from these items. But recently the need for looking best on all occasions have forced some to try these. Facial packs, masks and bleaches especially designed for men have become very common. 

  • Fairness Creams: There was a time when women would have only one prayer to god, please make me fairer. But gone are the days when only women would offer the prayer; today’s man also joins in as the ‘fair’ skin is what everyone wants. This justifies the huge number of fairness creams for men available in the market. 
Keeping oneself groomed is not a sin but a necessity. A healthy body is the temple of a healthy soul and when one’s skin is healthy he feels more confident and gets more attention. Feeling good about your own self should never be a sin so we insist all to take good care of your skin. A good skincare results in a more attractive personality and more confidence. 
Hope this article was helpful. We will be back with more shortly. 
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  1. I’m glad you answered the question in the affirmative. 🙂

    I’m right there with you. This doesn’t mean that men need to go overboard with creams, moisturizers, exfoliators and the like ala Patrick Bateman or something, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to take care of your skin.

    Take care of your skin in your youth and it will pay dividends as you age. 🙂

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