How To Buy Women’s Lingerie Online: Some Important Points to Keep In Mind

They used to say : ‘Clothes make a man …’ But I say, when it comes to Women my mind says, ‘The lingerie makes a woman’. Whether a woman is married, is middle aged, is a teen or much older- good lingerie always plays a part. Gone are the days you would hesitantly go into the local lingerie store and have the shopkeeper or saleswoman guess your size and give you the lingerie. Today’s consumers are far more aware of the importance of good lingerie.

E commerce sites have for a good amount of time avoided lingerie as a product just because of the problem of size and the hesitance. But today many sites specially deal with sale of lingerie and night wear. Buying that perfect valentines day gift for your girlfriend or wife is now super easy. Most of them offer concealed packaging and special ways to keep the contents from the eyes of the delivery people and couriers.

But here’s the main problem with buying lingerie online- you have to usually guess your size and fit. And this is the one problem many women have encountered while shopping online for lingerie. But here’s a simple post and tips to pick that perfect lingerie .

What type of Purpose you want the Lingerie to Fulfill???

The purpose is important as it can determine the type of lingerie you choose.

If you are Purchasing for yourself:

Do you need lingerie for Everyday wear ?Or for a special occasion or for your Gym class. .Each purpose requires different lingerie and so a plan beforehand makes buying easy.

If you are buying for a special purpose like a romantic occasion or your wedding then you would like to try the bridal category of Lingerie. usually sites have separate category consisting of the perfect lingerie for your Romantic night. 

Measure yourself before choosing the sizes:


Measure your under bust in CM and Inches(I’ll tell you why later, For now just Measure); Measure your Over bust area (Both CM and Inches) and the fullest part of the breast(Inch and CM)

Different Brands Have Different Sizes:


Usually most E Commerce sites selling lingerie host a lot of brands under a roof .. The main Problem rises when each brand has it’s own size charts and it’s possible that your usual size will not fit you perfectly with different brands. So keep the measuring details nearby. Also many brands give their sizes in Inches and many use CM. so it’s best to know your size in both the systems.

Choose a Lingerie that will suit you:


If you want extra cleavage then you will want a push up bra whereas it better going for a minimizer one if you naturally have fuller breasts. So don’t get confused with the large range of bras and choose the type that you will be comfortable wearing and that will suit your outfit.

Choosing the Perfect Color:

Choose the lingerie color depending on it’s use and the clothes which you will wear it under. White lingerie under a Black dress is not cool at all so choose depending on the outerwear.

Non Returnable Items:

Lingerie is very personal stuff and you won’t like to wear someone else’s ones for sure. So before purchasing double or triple check size, material, fit and return policies so that you don’t end up with a piece you will not wear.

If you are Purchasing For someone Special:


Most sites offer an option for men to choose that perfect gift for your special one. But for a better purchase ask your special one their sizes beforehand. There’s also ways to guess it depending on her built and the size of dress /tops/trousers she wears so that wil be easy for men to guess the right size.

Choose lingerie that fits a good range of sizes

If you are planning to give lingerie to someone special you might want to choose a lingerie like a Night dress or Satin or lace dresses that are available only in one size(freesize) that can fit multiple dress sizes. For example if you are purchasing for someone who is a size M and buy a piece in Free size they will surely fit in it as well as someone who is XS size. So you don’t need to think whether it will fit them.

Gifting items:


Usually there are gifting options for lingerie and one can even choose gift wrapping for their items. So if you wish to directly sent the products to the receiver even that’s easy. They will usually not get an invoice included and in a gift wrapped package. Check the gift wrapping and gifting options beforehand.

Here are some sites for Buying lingerie online:

So this was our small attempt to make all of you aware of the Lingerie shopping options online.  we hope this helps you become a better shopper of Lingerie online. Do keep visiting our blog .


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Sayantani Ghosh Dastidar
Beautiful As Always

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