5 Minute office/ Casual outing Makeup with Minimal Products


If you are like me who likes to go out often and these plans usually pop up at the last moment then you would have faced the last minute Rush at least a few times. All those plans of wearing this and that and creating that perfect look goes out of the window and all you can think about is making it there in time ..  Also for office goers a sudden meeting or a last moment party may as well pop up . For those tricky situations where you are bound by the clock and need to keep it simple yet presentable I am here to rescue you all (LOL) with today’s look.

I did this look last Thursday while We(Me and Mr. S) made a last moment plan to go for a coffee date. I was at a loss of time and had to get ready in flat 15 minutes (Clothes, accessories, looks and hair) I had no time to look into my stash and select the perfect products so had to keep it simple . After coming home I realized that this situation is quite common and the look I did really was not too bad (U mm . .Sorry  ..Self Praising is not good ) So without wasting more of your time I will start today’s tutorial:

Step 1 (15-20secs)

Wash your face with your HG Face wash and wait for the skin to dry. I usually pat my skin with a towel to make it quick. I used my Ponds Smooth Pores Face wash . And here’s me without Makeup 🙂

Step 2(1 minute)

Grab that BB cream/foundation . I love BB creams in Winters as in summer my skin becomes oily easily after using them. I used Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation as I could find that nearby ..Use any BB or if you want then use CC cream as an alternative. Or if you want you can use a foundation like me too.

I used my RT expert face brush to apply but you may also use your fingers. Don’t forget to cover your neck as well. 

Step 3(A few seconds)


I get oily in the T zone sometimes so I used a little bit of compact powder on my T zone. You may skip this step if you have dry skin. I used my Lakme Compact for this step.

Step 4 (1 minute)

I love to use products in different ways and as I was short of time I chose this Bright Pink lipstick from Revlon Vital Radiance range called Rich Rose on my finger tips and dabbed it along my lids. You can use any Bright pink, or red or berry shade you can find. Dab some more if you feel the intensity is low. I applied only until my crease and not beyond as it’s creamy and is prone to spreading. The lipstick is amazing and I’m surely doing to do a separate look with it to show you all it’s beautiful color.

Step 5(30seconds)

I took my kohl and lined my waterline and applied just a bit on my tight line. I used my Maybelline Colossal Kajal . .You can use any kajal or eye pencil.

Step 6(15 seconds)

It’s very important to apply a mascara as it surely does 50% of your job in the eye makeup department . It adds volume to your eye lashes and helps curl them and defines the eye look. I used the Lakme Eyeconic  one.


I applied a blush too but you may skip this step if you want. I applied MUA creme blush using my RT stippling Brush  .(Review Coming Soon)

Step 8(1 minute)

With the maximum part of the look complete I simply applied my lipstick from the bullet. I used Colorbar Pretty Please.

The Whole look Can be done in around 5 minutes if you have the products nearby (LOL)

And that completes the look ..That was fast right ??? So next time you are in a rush just take the products you have and start multitasking with them ..I’ve used lipstick as blush and Eye shadow once and I liked the effect.

Following the makeup I just put my bright fluorescent top on and added some girly accessories on and brushed my hair . And I was ready for my quick coffee date.

I sincerely hope you guys love the look and find it useful.

PS: This is my First makeup Look on the BLOG  .. So please go generous with the comments ..I’d love to hear how you guys multitask ..

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Shabby G


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