Christmas Makeup Look with Ruby Woo


Christmas is just round the corner and I know I am quite late is posting this look but ‘Better Late Than Never’  ..So last few days  was quite sick and sadly I was having a few skin problems like small pimples on the forehead so was delaying this look. but now that they are quite healed lets move on to today’s makeup look. 
Christmas Makeup Look with Ruby Woo

Step 1

Prep your skin by following the CTM routine and apply a light foundation as per your needs. IF you have dry skin resort to a good moisturizer to avoid dryness. I used Nivea Soft Cream for this purpose.. 

Step 2

Now apply your Foundation . I applied a light foundation and I used a very affordable one here. It’s one of my favorite foundations though I’ve tried many expensive ones. Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation works great for me. This gives a  light coverage and is very light on skin. I really dislike any layering or heavy feel on my skin and this totally blends into the skin . 
Use a good amount on the face and neck and any area round the neck that will be exposed . Use the shade matching your skin tone and use a bit of it on the lips too to prep it for the lipstick. 
I usually skip the concealers as I feel I don’t need them much but for this pic I wanted to look spotless ( :P ) I used it on the small spots I have now on my forehead. 

Step 3

 I applied a good amount of concealer on the eyelids as I have darker lids than my facial skin. I applied a neutral eye shadow on the whole lids to set the concealer. 

Step 4

Next I used Maybelline Gel Liner on the upper lids and i used a thick line to make my eyes look prominent. The liner has been extended into a sharp flick . I lined my waterline with Lakme Eye-conic Kohl (Which is my current favorite Kohl)  and curled my lashes using my Good Old Oriflame Eyelash Curler. 

Step 5

I also applied a small amount of highlighter on the brow bone to highlight it. and used my Brow brush to groom my brows. (this step is optional)

Step 6

Lakme Eyeconic Mascara

Applied two coats of my Favorite Lakme Eyeconic Mascara and followed with a good bit of combing my lashes using my lash groomer to separate my lashes from clumping mascara. 

Step 7

MUA Cream Blush -YUMMY

Next step was the Blush. For this look I wanted my Lips to be the highlight so I used a very soft blush . I used my MUA Cream Blush in the shade  ‘Yummy’ and I’ll confess I really like the shade. It reminds me of toffee .. :P I used My RT Stippling Brush to apply. I used a bit on my cheeks to give it just a teeny bit of color. 

Step 8

Now that the whole face is quite ready I used a N*de lipliner over the already foundation applied lips. The lip liner helped to conceal the pigmentation I have and prep the canvas for the Red Lipstick

Step 9

The Amazing Red Called Ruby Woo

Now I applied MAC Ruby Woo over the lip liner. I first used the lipstick using a lip brush and applied a good layer of it. I then used a tissue to blot the excess and reapplied the lipstick from the bullet.  I did not use any gloss .

Step 10

At the last step I just brushed on some of Maybelline’s Dream Matte Powder on top to seal the foundation and concealer. I used my expert face brush to apply the powder. 

And Now Enjoy the Finished Look..Some of you have already seen the pic on my Facebook too . . 
Christmas Makeup Look with Ruby Woo
Christmas Makeup Look with Ruby Woo

So Hope you like the look and try it sometimes. 
Here’s a tip : if you don’t own the particular shade Ruby Woo then try Lakme Red Coat(It’s already Reviewed so just check out how the shade is) ..It’s a bit more easily wearable and a pinker but looks quite nice on most skin tones :)
I’m super busy these days with my Office work but still I won’t let all of you miss out on BAA. So I’ll keep updating you through Facebook, G+, Twitter and Email. So Please subscribe and join BAA to support me. 
So What’s your Plan for Tomorrow??? I have around three plans with family, friends and Him .. So Am super busy tomorrow . Wish you a Merry Christmas :)  I hope all your Dreams come true and Santa brings lots of Gifts, Luck and Blessings fro all of you . .

With Love

Shabby G

Beautiful As Always

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