A Weekend Trip To Savour The Winter Season


I am not going to justify leaving the blog with no new updates for the last week as I desperately needed to divert all of my attention towards my Work. Please excuse my sudden disappearances as I am really busy with the Offline duties .

I also had plans to go for a 2 day Tour with My Dad’s Office last weekend. We had loads of fun on the trip which was my first two day trip with Dad’s Office Colleagues.  We went on Saturday and came back on Sunday. our destination was a place called Nainan , it’s a lovely area on the bank of the River Hooghly (I.e. Ganga) . I had been trapped in my house last week as I had burned significant portion of my feet during a kitchen mishap so the trip was a welcome change.

This post is not about anything related to Beauty and Makeup yet I can’t wait to share it with you Guys!!!!

We went to the Picnic spot by Bus . I loved our City Services bus yet the AC there compelled me to have a blocked nose later in the night. The view was beautiful with long stretches of green grass and rice fields.

Our Bus 

The Bonfire

We reached there in the evening and had a small Bonfire to beat the cold winds there. My face nearly froze due to the Cold winds there as the river was nearly 200-300mt from our Hotel. A small program was conducted with recitation, songs dance and more by everyone.

River Hooghly

The Boat Ride

Fresh Jaggery

The next day was spent on sightseeing, a boat ride followed by some serious purchases of Fresh homemade Jaggery from the local people . We had our heavy lunch and returned back home within 7pm on Sunday.

Now coming to the part which I like, during the stay I clicked like 300 odd pictures of me in every pose and look. I feel this habit of clicking selfies randomly now and then is responsible for the constant lack of space on my Hard drive. But nonetheless I love clicking pictures of me . . I got a bit bored so returned to my old companion Camera for some recreation. Here are some clicks from the trip 🙂
(Yes that’s only 7 of the Odd 300 Shabby faces 😛 )

Have a Happy lohri and Sankranti everyone.
I’ll be savoring some mouth watering sweet dishes made by mom today like Sweets with jaggery, Rice Pudding made with Jaggery and more.

Do leave your responses whether you found the pics nice. I love traveling yet have not been able to go on a long trip for some time due to my Dad’s hectic work schedule.

Have you celebrated the Winter season with a Fun filled Picnic?? I have two more Picnic invites this weekend too but I think I’ll pass.

So that was all for this post. I’ll be back with some cool reviews soon guys.

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