Lux White Impress Body Wash Review

Hello Ladies, 
LUX White Impress Body Wash
LUX White Impress Body Wash

I’m back!!! I know I’ve been gone and back so many times that you Guys might have just forgotten me! There has been immense pressure from Work field as well as education and my health has been at its worst for the last few weeks. πŸ™

Today I simply argued with my Evil twin (Who was wanting to take the Next week off too) and decided to post on the blog. !! Today I’m going to tell you all about a new Body Wash I have been loving lately. It’s the LUX White Impress Body Wash

LUX White Impress Body Wash

I don’t know about you but I have preferred Body Washes over soap for the last few years. In these few years I’ve hanged my Favorite brand and scents many times but still now Lux has been a Brand I can blindly pick. I’ve loved most of their Body washes and still reach out to them occasionally( I have three four variants at hand : I mean, Who uses a same variant every day !!! Boring!!  πŸ˜‰ )When I saw the new Advertisement of the LUX White Impress I was really eager to try it.

Price and Quantity:Lux White Impress Body Wash 125ml is available for INR 70

What Lux Claims about the LUX White Impress Body Wash?

For all over Body Whitening: with mulberry extract, honey and microcrystals.

(Well, I was not at all excited hearing the Whitening claim!! There has been so many claims from all products launched lately that I am Fully Fed Up
…  >.<)
Outer Looks of The LUX White Impress Body Wash:
LUX White Impress Body Wash
Lux stuck to its patent packaging and the basic shape of the Bottle remains same in this variant too. The graphics here is simple and the whole product comes in a cardboard packaging with a plastic front. The packaging is available with a free Loofah. (I must confess!!! I could not make myself use that pearly White Loofah!!! I like it so Mucchhhh<3) :L <3
LUX White Impress Body Wash
The product usage instruction, manufacturing details as well as the ingredient list is provided at the backside of the cardboard packaging. 

Lux White Impress Body Wash

Inner Beauty of the LUX White Impress Body Wash:
I was expecting a White creamy liquid from the time I got this in my Hand and yes, it was just that!! But what’s that??? Silvery Beads ??? OMG !!!!! Well I loved the added Silvery and colored Beads in the white creamy liquid. The beads can be crushed with a little pressure and dissolve easily. I found the quality of the White Loofah provided with this pack to be better than the previous ones.
My Experience:

The body wash lathers well and only 5-10 drops is necessary for each bath. The smell is also quite good and not at all strong like some of the Lux variants I’ve used before. The smell stays good for an hour after which only a faint hint remains. The body wash does not dry up skin and it has not dried up my already dry skin (Even in winters) which is a great plus point. 

***As per the Whitening claim, I’m yet to get a proof that Body Washes help in lightening skin tone .
{ If you want to lighten skin, use a scrub twice a week to rub off  the dead skin and stay indoors. πŸ˜›  }
What’s So Good About Lux White Impress Body Wash:
  • It’s a Basic Body Wash for everyday use
  • The fragrance is soothing
  • Lathers well 
  • Does not leave behind any residue
  • Washes off easily
  • Only a little amount required for each use
  • Available easily
What’s Not So Good About Lux White Impress Body Wash:
  • Don’t expect any Whitening effect
Experience of Using Lux White Impress Body Wash:

LUX White Impress Body Wash
LUX White Impress Body Wash

So that’s all the Pros and Cons listed for the Lux White Impress Body Wash. I’ve really not understood why the Advertisers are still using ‘White’ and ‘Whitening’ claim in every product launched in India. It’s kind of silly, but I guess people do like it. I did not see any improvement in my skin shade even after using three weeks. 

Other than that claim, I’m impressed with the Product and I’m certainly finishing this bottle soon.  I will be getting the larger pack soon. So all of you who are looking for an affordable Body 
Now for the Main part of the Post!!!!!
I recently signed up for a Website called SOCIAL-NOISE. It’s a site that gives normal consumers like us the ability to use a free sample before buying the Full product. I got a Whatsapp message one fine morning that I have been chosen for the LUX campaign and I would be sent a free Body Wash. I waited for it and it came, (though late). 

I am really happy that Brands are helping the consumers try before they commit and Social Noise has been helpful in making me choose this Body wash . I’m certainly going to buy this Body wash again soon. 

Oh, and check out these cute Hot Pink Fuffly Ear Muffs I got from ZivameπŸ˜› (They are Super Warm and Look So Cute!!  <3 <3 )

Hot Pink Ear Muff  from Zivame


(Sorry for The bad Picture!!! I clicked it just now as I could not wait Longer to show you Guys πŸ˜› )
So how did your Republic Day Went?? What did you do today??? 
As for me, I woke up late and watched the Republic Day Parade. I’m writing this post over a Bowl of hot Cheese pasta . (Yummm!!!)  ^_^
Lastly, today I’m not going to Promise about being Back soon as I will Genuinely be busy with my Office Work but I will have posts lined up and will be chatting with you all soon. 

Product Sent By: Social Noise

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    1. Wow ..!! It&#39;s nice to hear that you Liked the Pics . .I really want my Product Pics to be different and try new styles πŸ˜› You just made my Night πŸ˜› :e ^_^ :$

  1. The packaging of this body wash is so cute, loved your ear muffs and the pics are great, not at all bad and I too have the ear muff of angry birds which I&#39;m so loving, they fell like teddy no, so cute and lovable.

  2. I never use anything but body wash now-a-days. I find that most &quot;whitening products&quot; show no discernible difference also. Cute muffs πŸ™‚

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