Akansha Baranga Face and Body Grain : Review

Akansha Baranga Face And Body Grain Review |

Akansha Baranga Face and Body Grain

Hello Girls,

Today, I will introduce you to a product which I have been loving these few months .It’s an ayurvedic preparation made by a Brand based in west Bengal named Akansha .Akansha is a widely known brand in West Bengal and is available at most Beauty shops. It’s an ayurvedic brand which makes simple ayurvedic preparations for skin and body . Read on to know more about the Product :

What Akansha claims about Branga Face and Body grain ?

Akansha Baranga Face and Body Grain

Nothing on the Pack  . . They only have a Method of Use mentioned on the pack. They have a website which is useless in my opinion. You can check it here

Price and Quantity :

Akansha Baranga Face And Body Grain : The Protective Lid To keep Away Moisture

The products are reasonably priced with good quantity in all of their products making them ideal for daily use . This Face and body grain is priced at 85/- for 100Gm which is quite reasonable.

The Outer Looks:

Akansha Baranga Face and Body Grain


Akansha products come in simple and easy to use packaging and are not at all attractive. The screw lid is easy to open and does not allow moisture to enter. There is a protective lid inside too. The plastic containers are sealed off with a transparent plastic coating to make them stay untempered. The packaging is simple and effective and is easy to carry around during travel.

The Inner Beauty :

Akansha Baranga Face and Body Grain | The Product

This face and body grain is unique product which has a blend of Masur , Godhum , Neem , Sodium Benzoate, Bronopol etc. Andis totally ayurvedic making it suitable for everyone. Still one must try it in a small amount to make sure there is no irritation. The grain looks like poppy seeds or ‘Posto ‘ seeds we Bengalis use to make Alu Posto (Potato and Poppy Seed Preparation) .
The grain is yellowish in color which has a mixture of large grains and a powder which is to be mixed with small amounts of water.

The paste is then taken in both hands and massaged on the face in circular motions, like a face scrub.
After 5 minutes the grain is to be washed off and the skin left to dry in air.

The Results after using Akansha Baranga face and Body Grain : 
I was quote skeptical about using this product as my skin is quite sensitive and most of the time I end up with irritations . But this product did not irritate my skin, made it gently cleansed and acted as a scrub washing away the dead skin layer and oil and grime. The product when used three to four times a week gives your skin a glow and smooth feel.

Few Last Words About Akansha Barange Face and Body Grain:

It’s a gentle scrub for everyone and is easily available throughout West Bengal and can also be found in neighbouring states. It gives skin a healthy glow and improves tanning . I had tanned considerably in the Summers and this helped me to lighten it along with once a week Besan-Milk-Turmeric pack  . .
I’d suggest those who are not really ready to spend hours on skincare to use this and see the improvement in your skin. After using this my skin looks glossy and my tanned face is slowly improving. The quantity is huge and one needs a teaspoon each time for application which makes it last more than a month if used three times a week.

Until next time Dearies . .


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    1. Hello Suparna ,

      You can apply this product in this way : take a tablespoon or two tablespoon of teh product in a small glass bowl and add half teaspoon water, add more water if you need. Make a paste and apply this on your face. Use circular motion and keep massaging for 4 to 5 minutes and wash off with cold or normal water. Pat dry and follow up with the Akansha Face pack for your skin type.

    1. Hi, salim

      For lightening skin spots this works great. Do buy a pack and use it every week 3 days for atleast two months . Also go in for a leansing or face clean up once in a while to remove dead sin layer.

    1. Hello , Tumi lemon juice use korte paro cotton e dubiye! Jala korle or irritation hole dilute kore nio 1 tbsp lemon juice half tbsp water ! Also Tumi milk or malai diye face pack banate paro! Also always use sunscreen jate aar na Howe !

    1. You can get lakme or L’Oréal face creams or you can go for age old Nivea cream ! I love the body shop face creams which are natural and high quality

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