Celebrating Bhoot Chaturdashi In West Bengal

Celebrating Bhoot Chaturdashi In West Bengal

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Well this is a quick post and quite late post  about how we celebrate Bhoot Chaturdashi the night before Mahakali puja. Mahakali Puja is a puja done on the night before Diwali and is quite popular in West Bengal and neighbouring areas. In kolkata this Puja is celebrated with much enthusiasm. But before the actual Puja day comes this day called ‘bhoot Chaturdashi’ .


Diwali , Mahakali Puja, Bhoot Choturdoshi : happy Diwali
Diwali , Mahakali Puja, Bhoot Chaturdashi : happy Diwali


What is Bhoot Chaturdashi?

I hope most of you know about the Holy night of the Ghosts celebrated as Halloween in the Western countries? Well, Bhoot Chaturdashi is somewhat like that only . . On this day most families light Fourteen Earthen Diyas or Candles around the homes . On the entrance of each room a candle is placed . This is same for Kitchen as well as bathrooms too.


Why Light Fourteen Earthen lamps or Diyas?

Well, it’s believed that on this day our ancestors roam around the world as spirits and these candles help them find their loving homes. On this day, it is believed that our ancestors are at a proximity to us and bless us. It’s a way to give them respect. Some families make diyas from the mud from their garden and lit them up at night, some use store-bought diyas and some light candles. We used candles this year as my mother is quite sick from last weekend so I could not arrange everything alone . the earthen Diyas are filled with Ghee and a ‘sholte’ is made from old clothes or cotton and lit up. A five sided diya or paanchpradip is lit too .


What else is Special on Bhoot Chaturdashi ?

Some Bengalis will have Fourteen types of ‘Shaak’ or leafy vegetables and have them while having lunch. This is not a tradition in my home as we are Banglas but the people from the West Part of Bengal do follow this tradition.


What’s Special About The Day ?

Not to mention only two days left for Diwali this day is special for Bengalis. On this day unlike Diwali we place the Diyas for the remembrance of our Ancestors and forefathers who have laid down the path for our family . They have created the foundation for the family we are now.


So that’s it . .Do stay tuned as I will share loads of pictures tomorrow from our Kaali Puja Celebration.



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