Bring Back The Touch With Parachute Advansed Body Lotion


Touch is a very pure source of joy .A gentle touch can help you say so many things even without saying a word. Parachute is trying to bring back the passion, love and caress back into our lives with the #BringBackTheTouch . You can learn more about it at


See The Magic of Touch In the #BringBackTheTouch video featuring Nimrat and Parambrata

This story is about two individuals , just like you and me .. .

Tuli and Subho were engaged after 5 long years of dating they were really excited when they finally tied the knot . It was all that they wanted since the day Tuli said ‘I Love You’ to Subho. They dreamed about having the perfect future, the perfect married life. But when they were only 3 months married Tuli sensed something was wrong.

No, Subho did love her as he did but things were changing. There were no phone conversations, no ‘I Love You’ texts in the middle of the day. But there was an excuse. He was busy in his professional life and slowly the two were drifting apart. They felt the loss of love and intimacy but could not do anything about it.

Then one day Tuli took it up as a challenge that she will not get the love they struggled for all these days go in vain. She chose a weekend and setup some a fine dinner for Subho . Overwhelmed by the sudden preparation, Subho though he had forgotten a special date (Maybe Her Birthday ! No, that’s in September  . .Oh no, Our Anniversary!! Nope that’s in February ! Then ??) . Tuli had some ideas in her mind, she wanted to rekindle the lost spark. She held his hand and gently pulled on his little finger. It was her way of letting him know that she needs a hug , when she was younger.


Subho realized with her touch what he was overlooking all these weeks. The love, passion and caress was not there while he was distancing himself from her in the name of workload. They needed to bring back the lost spark in their relationship and rekindle the joy of touching each other carelessly. A touch can say thousands of words which your words may fail to convey . So it’s time to #BringBackTheTouch and enjoy the lost love between you and your partner. Parachute Advansed Body Lotion can help you to rekindle those lovely times and #BringBackTheTouch.


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