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We’re back, and today we will discuss about another important aspect of your life – Education. Higher education has become a necessity for everyone and a simple graduation does not work well, if you’re looking to get a good job. There are many colleges and universities from which you may get your Higher studies completed, but it’s necessary that you know the Pros and Cons of Each institution , so that you are  aware of the facilities for each institution. Today we highlight Calicut University or University of Calicut.

Calicut university

University of Calicut is located in Malappuram district of Kerala. The University of Calicut is a Public University with many off campus centers in neighboring districts. University of Calicut was established in the year 1968 and it is the second university to be set up in Kerala.

Presently Calicut University has 30 post graduate departments and 373 affiliated colleges under it . The motto of Calicut University is ‘Nirmaya karmana Sree’ which means ‘Prosperity will be produced by pure action’ . The Calicut university was created when the government decided to divide the Kerala University into two different independent institutions. The Government also took the four post graduate departments, which were being run under the Kerala Univerity to be renamed Calicut University or University of Calicut. Along with the four post- graduate departments, the fifty four colleges affiliated under the Kerala University at that time were also taken under the Calicut University. These fifty four colleges were spread across seven districts .

The today Calicut university is known as the Largest Affiliation and Residential University in Kerala , The main University Campus is located at Tenhipalam, which is around 24 kilometers south of Calicut. Calicut university has a lot of different departments like bachelors degree in languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu , English Etc. It also offers bachelors courses for Foreign trade and Practice, history, geography, Economics, Mass Communication, Music, Philospohy , Travel and tourism , Sociology from the Arts department. From the science department, they offer  BSC degree in many courses like Applied Statistics, Bio Chemistry, Computer Science, genetics, geology, Physics, Technology, Microbiology, Electronics, Computer Science, Chemisty Hotel managements etc. to name a few. They also have separate courses for Commerce students, offering Bachelors degree, BBA; separate department for Btech in Civil, Automobile, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Mechanical etc. They also have many courses for B. Ed aspirants. They also offer medical courses like MBBS.

They also have a long list of Post Graduate Courses like M.A. Courses in language subjects like English, Hindi, Russian, Tamil, Urdu, Malayalam etc. They also have M.A. Courses in Arts subjects like Economics, politics, Sociology, geography, Philosophy as well as for performing arts like Music. M.Sc courses are offered in varied subjects as well like Bioinformatics, Microbiology, geology, Statistics, mathematics, Chemistry, Clinical psychology , etc. Masters degree is also available for M.Com, M.B.A. , MBBS, MCA, as well as many M. Tech and MD courses are available for aspiring students.

Post Graduate Diploma courses , Research and many certificate courses are offered by the university and students will have many disciples to choose from. Ph.D and M. Phil courses are also being offered by the university of Calicut since 2004-05 . The university has around 171 Arts and Science colleges, 63 training colleges , 7 medical colleges , 40 Engineering or Technical Colleges, 4 para-Medical Colleges, 3 Law Colleges, 29 Arabic or Oriental Title Colleges, 6 Ayurveda Colleges, 11 I.H.R.D. Centers, 1 music college, 8 management Colleges, 1 fine arts college , 21 Nursing colleges, 2 Physical Education colleges, 9 Pharmacy colleges , 7 Dental Colleges, 1 Homeopathy College and 2 Hotel management Colleges. Around 88 colleges under Calicut University have both Graduate and Postgraduate teaching facility. Around 1 Lac students sit for university exams each year and the university believes the rapid growth in the number of affiliated colleges are due to the growth in the number of Private Educational agencies which control more than 279 colleges under the University of Calicut.


With respect to Calicut University Ranking ,   I can assure you it is one of the best universities in India and has been included into the top 50 Universities in india.  You can get a varied range of subject offered at University of Claicut with good academic support for your Bright future.


We hope this post has helped you in your search for the perfect education institute around Kerala or even if you’re ready to relocate. The Calicut University is known for it’s fast and organized Examination process which is monitored by Pareeksha Bhawan, the examination wing. It has been praised hugely for its fast operation and accuracy.



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