How eCommerce Has Influenced Indian Consumers


How eCommerce Has Influenced Indian Consumers

The Indian retail sector has seen a major Boom for the last few years and Online shopping has been a major reason of it. Those who have been associated with online shopping since it’s starting days will surely relate how there were only a few sites you knew of and how most people were too scared to buy online.

But, that’s something of the past now. Today , however , people are interested in Online retails and many are even preferring them over stores. Online Retailers or E-Commerce has seen a major boom in India for a few years with a multitude of online retailers opening up stores.

E-Commerce is very easy and comfortable for the consumer as one can indulge in some retail therapy at any hour of the day and the best part is that you can get the products at your doorstep. Traditional stores have a few major disadvantages which is they cannot possibly hold or display as many products they wish to due to limitation of physical space. But Online retailers can display thousands and millions of products all at a single place without a problem. Consumers find this feature really beneficial as they get different brands under the same roof . Another great option which E-Commerce has provided its consumers is the flexibility of price. Gone are the days when you would have to pay full price for a product. Today, sales and deals, steal the show. Due to the price factor online retailers are trying their best to lure in more buyers .

The smart shoppers today don’t go blindly into the stores and pick up what hey want, instead they check the price there and confirm prices with their favorite online retailers. Chances are they will find a better deal online . Online shopping has been beneficial for so many people who like me have somewhat stopped going to physical stores. Indian consumers are now influenced to a great extent by large brands and retailers. The same can be proved with sales like the Flipkart sale, which went live a few month’s ago. People were glued to their screens even before the sale started . Too many people were trying their luck for the sales and stocks were exhausted in seconds. This shows how much the sale became a hit with consumers and people from all over the country participated in it. This event shows how many people are engaged in the eCommerce sector. Still online shopping is a privilege, enjoyed by the section of people who have the privileged of internet and computers.

Being someone who feels really out-of-place in crowded stores I prefer to do all my shopping online. Last festive season, I did most of my shopping as well as shopping for my whole family online. Not only did we save loads on transport costs as well as saved a good amount of time which we would have wasted roaming about the Mall. But isn’t there any bad pointers about online shopping? You bet, there surely is. When shopping online you hardly get to know how the product will be on hand. For clothing and accessories material and finish matters the most , but you can’t seem to know it fully before you get the product in hand. For example, I bought a Mint dress for my sister and chose the size quite carefully while taking notes from the Size guides mentioned on the site. Now when I got the product it was neither the same color nor the same size. Thankfully, most large-scale retailers have a return policy which saved me on that occasion.

There are a few other drawbacks of Online shopping . First of all you cannot try the product before buying like for clothing it’s not possible to understand fit , color etc. from pictures. Paying online can be a problem for some.While I process most of my orders through Net banking facility because I find it safer, easier and faster – many prefer credit or debit cards and it can be a big problem if it is not done securely. During sales and festive seasons courier companies face backlogs and your order could get delayed due to the rush, because if you bought it in store, you can enjoy it as soon as you buy it. One more problem which has risen now a day is missing products and theft of products during transit. I once received the sealed package but the products inside were opened and some items were lost. These are some of the minor problems of online shopping but generally it is a win situation for Retailers as well as Consumers.


For me there are a few tricks and steps which make sure that I am on the winning side. I usually use coupons and cash back sites to help me get the maximum benefits. They are one of the sure shot ways to get a good deal . There are a few renowned Coupon and Deals websites but, I’d like to mention one here, and that is They have a plethora of coupons and deals , which will help you save more while shopping online. You can check the attractive coupons for websites and top rated Retailers like Snapdeal, FabFurnish, Flipkart, Amazon and more.  They have deals and coupons for different categories of books and stationary websites, to clothing, accessories and even home furnishing websites. So once you are sure that you want to place the order go visit the site and grab some great coupons and deals and save more.

Now that you know how much Indian Consumers have been influenced by Online eCommerce and retailers next time you can be confident about your online shopping . Online shopping is here to stay and it’s necessary that you understand its pros and Cons and then decide for the best options for you.




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