Life Without any Constrains- Befikar Umar Bhar

Hello Ladies ,

This space has been booming with posts back to back and today, it’s going to be about A life without Constrains. Everyone has their duties, their constrains, holdback – whatever you name them . .There will always be the times when your heart would tell you to just follow what your soul desires, but your brain says, no you can’t abandon your duties and follow this path. IDBI Bank along with Indiblogger has asked how we’d live our life’s if we had no constains.

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#1 Travel around the Globe

I love seeing new places and travelling new countries. Travelling the world has been on my wish list for long and I’m sure if I had no constrains I would travel to the most beautiful places on the earth . Bora Bora island is on the top of my ‘Places to Travel ‘ list . I’ve been mesmerized by the pictures of the clear blue waters, the sunny weather and the beautiful and peaceful life of teh Bora Bora Island.

#2 Follow My Passion

I love Makeup and Beauty blogging. If I had no constrains , I would like to follow my passion instead of following my job. Most of us are not able to pursue our passions freely because we all have duties and responsibilities. If I had nothing to hold me back I would definitely start Blogging as my only target in life. It would be nice to devote all of my attention to my passion as I belive I can do much better if I have nothing to hold me back.

#3 Help Others

I really love helping the needy , but due to many factors I find it hard to help others . There are so many women and children who need help and I’d love to hep them find the right path in life. There are few women who want to become independent and learn work, so that they can live independently and I would love to teach them and help them with their struggle. But there are so many factors which need to be given a though , but if I can have a life without any commitments I can help these women and children a new path.

#4 learn French and Spanish
I love learning new languages and i have always wanted to learn Spanish and French. I would love to learn these languages as well as some new languages . Learning new languages requires lots of time and effort which becomes impossible with the fast lifestyle. If I can be free from any constraints then I can learn a new language . 


#5 Join a New Adventure sports

I would love to join a new adventure sports if I had no constraints . Due to the fast lifestyle it is not always possible to engage in something new . But starting a new sports will surely be a nice change to the boring life. I would love to go Scuba Diving or go Bunjee jumping one day without being held back. I feel humans are too engaged in social life to enjoy some adrenaline rush.


having a life without any commitments , any constraints seems a bit like a fairy tale but I believe its not a fairy tale and with the right steps one can lead a Befikar Life .


I hope this post was a good read and I hope we all can lead a Befikar life .






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