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Hello ladies,


Today I was in a different mood altogether. I have been confined to a room for the past few days due to a sudden attack of Mumps. I could not go out or have my favorite snack. I missed my Gym sessions and was totally confined to the bed. It left me with ample time to think about life and things I love. What is important to me and what isn’t..

I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone.

#SoundOfLove by Bluestone
#SoundOfLove by Bluestone

It’s only a few days for our Anniversary. No, I’m not talking about a marriage anniversary. It is actually our proposing anniversary. This day is really special for me , it’s special for every girl on the planet I guess; but mine was a wee bit more special.

The day was 12th February 2010 , we were preparing fo our Class XII examinations. It was something special too, it was the day Karan Johar had decided to release ‘My name is Khan’ a cinema with ShahRukh Khan as the protagonist. He was (& still is) an active member of the SRK Fan Club , the official Fan Club of Kolkata and was busy with the promotions. I remember getting a special MNIK t-shirt with my Name Written, sent from Fox Star Studios itself. Yes, we were mad, we were teenagers and we loved SRK.

His house is just around my house but with the examinations approaching, we had less and less time to meet up. Finally I managed my parents to let me watch a Final Movie before the examinations start in March. Since the last night I was not able to get him over the phone, his phone was busy. I was confused but got ready and wore a Red Anarkali . I still imagine why I wore it, did I know what was going to happen ?


I went to the Movie Theatre and saw a large crowd, finally we were able to locate ourselves. He asked me to wait over a small bench , in front of the Theatre. I waited for a few minutes and suddenly there is a Loud music , the SRK theme songs from his most famous Romantic movies are being charted out. Then all of a sudden, there’s a known voice over the microphone. Isn’t it his voice? Yes, it is. And I can’ believe what he is saying  ..

‘Will You Be Mine For the Rest Of My Life ? I Love You and Want to be Yours Forever .. . ‘

The crowd slowly scattered away from the gate of the Hall, he slowly walks up to me and hands me a ‘Fresh Red Rose’ and says ‘ I love You ‘ on his knees.

For the next few moments, all I remember now , is how I had tears in my Eyes and he tried to calm me down. I said yes, eventually  . .. After a few minutes .  ..

Those ten minutes are one of the most cherished memories of my life  . .It was his sound that made me fall in love with him again and again. ..And even today, writing this post  I can hear him saying ‘I Love You’ to me  . .Just the way he proposed to me Five Years Ago . .. . .. It is the #SoundOfLove




 The Sound Of Love for me is his voice, that expressed to me his feelings on the 12 Th of February . 



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