Best Budget Lipsticks In India- For College Going Girls

Best Budget Lipsticks In India


Hello Girls,


College life is when girls start experimenting with makeup , but most girls find it hard to get the best shades in a limited budget. When I was in college I got only a few hundred rupees as extra , which I could spare on makeup. I wanted to try new shades and love lipsticks. So I had to control my makeup lust, and decide as to what was my necessity and what I can buy. There are many budget lipsticks in Indian makeup market and any college going girl will love to experiment with . here we present the best budget lipsticks in India.


Best Budget Lipsticks In India

Best Budget Lipsticks In India- main

 Today we present ten of the best Budget lipsticks in India which any woman can count on for good quality and shade choices at a reasonable price range.



[su_highlight background=”#f8b9ed”]#1 Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick :[/su_highlight]


Best Budget Lipsticks In India- elle18
Best Budget Lipsticks In India- Elle 18 Color Pops

Elle 18  was a very average brand when i was in school , but they revamped their range and made their packaging attractive and also changed their marketing strategy (I believe they did, with signing up Anushka Sharma as their Brand Ambassador) . They have a large collection of lipsticks ranging from reds, to muted pinks, to browns, plums and more at a reasonable price tag of Rs 100 to 120. I  have personally used a few shades from this range and I love them. They are affordable, shiny, give medium to full pigmentation in one swipe and wear for a decent amount of time.


[su_highlight background=”#f8b9ed”]#2Streetwear Color Rich UltraMoist lipstick[/su_highlight]


Best Budget Lipsticks In India- streetwear lipsticks
Best Budget Lipsticks In India – Streetwear Color Rich


Streetwear is marketed by Revlon and this is their affordable range of color cosmetics. I love the revamped look which were belted out in 2014 and I also reviewed three shades from this range Riveting Rouge , Pink Passion and Ruby Riddle . Streetwear lipsticks are really easy to apply. They are creamy and provide good pigmentation and, the best part is that they retail at Rs 180 per shade . The Streetwear Color Rich collection has many shades ranging from bold pinks to hot reds to plums .


[su_highlight background=”#f8b9ed”]#3 Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick[/su_highlight]


Best Budget Lipsticks In India- lakme enrich satin
Best Budget Lipsticks In India – Lakme Enrich Satin

If you have grown up in India, then you must have heard about Lakme Enrich Satin Lipsticks or even better, your Mom and your other family members have had at least a few of these in their kitty. Though I feel they  look too Old to fit into a College Girl’s handbag (Packaging Wise) I just heard that Lakme has relaunched them in sleek , new packaging. They have also launched new shades and are now being priced at Rs 260 . I never liked the strong chemical smell of these lipsticks but if you don’t have a sensitive nose try them. Believe me , they have a humungous range of colors and at this price they are worth a try. Look out for the new range which features some bright new shades for college going girls.


[su_highlight background=”#f8b9ed”]#4 Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick [/su_highlight]


Best Budget Lipsticks In India- maybelline moisture extreme
Best Budget Lipsticks In India – Maybelline Moisture Extreme

Maybelline’s Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick range is my favorite Budget lipstick range and I have used many shades from this particular range. These retail at Rs 275 per shade and are really buttery and smooth . They have a tendency to melt in hot weather but they are super hydrating and pigmented. Most shades in this range have color coded packaging and are medium to fully pigmented. I loved shades like Cranberry, Coral pink, Bronze Orange etc which have been my makeup box staples. Just last week I repurchased the shade Bronze Orange (My Favorite Coral Orange) , the last time I got it for free on purchase of two Color Sensational Lipsticks .


[su_highlight background=”#f8b9ed”]#5 Faces Go Chic Lipstiks :[/su_highlight]


Best Budget Lipsticks In India- faces go chic lipsticks
Best Budget Lipsticks In India – Faces Go Chic Lipsticks

Faces is another brand I have used while I was in college. The Go Chic Lipstick range retails for Rs 250 and have a good range of shades from Reds, pinks, browns, plums etc. The pigmentation of these lipsticks are good and they stay for two to three hours easily. For me they are a great purchase and you will find good deals on them too.


[su_highlight background=”#f8b9ed”]#6 Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks:[/su_highlight]


Best Budget Lipsticks In India- rimmel lasting finish lipsticks
Best Budget Lipsticks In India – Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks


Rimmel London lasting Finish Lipstick is a budget friendly lipstick range which has earthy shades as well as bright shades of pink, red and fuchsia. My favorite shades from this range would be Cutting Edge, Asia, Heart breaker and Alarm. These lipsticks are very pigmented and cover any pigmentation easily . They have a great staying power and they do not dry the lips out. These lipsticks are imported and present price is Rs 250 per shade.


[su_highlight background=”#f8b9ed”]#7 Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks:[/su_highlight]


Best Budget Lipsticks In India- maybelline colorshow lipstick
Best Budget Lipsticks In India – Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks


The Colorshow range from Maybelline has become a hit with College going girls because of their buttery texture, affordable price and large shade choices. The shades range from reds and plums to browns and pinks. I have reviewed one shade from this range called Cherry Crush which is a very bright and attractive cherry red with a hint of pink. These retail at Rs 299 per shade.


[su_highlight background=”#f8b9ed”]#8 Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipsticks[/su_highlight]


Best Budget Lipsticks In India- lotus herbals lipsticks
Best Budget Lipsticks In India- Lotus Herbals Lipsticks


This range is my mother’s favorite, she uses two of these shades on a daily basis. These lipsticks are very affordable and have a large shade range from peaches to pinks, browns, natural shades , lilacs and more. The finish of these lipsticks are glossy and the shades are usually medium pigmented but it can go opaque with a few swipes. Two shades my mom absolutely loves is Carnation and Pink Blush . These are priced at Rs 245 per shade.


[su_highlight background=”#f8b9ed”]#9 Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks:[/su_highlight]

Best Budget Lipsticks In India- colorbar velvet matte lipsticks
Best Budget Lipsticks In India – Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks

if you want to know the matte shades I wear more often than others, I’ll surely name these babies. This lipstick range is like my HG matte lipsticks and I have many of them. The lipsticks from these range usually have a creamy to matte texture and very good color payoff. I don’t need to prep my lips for the shades and they usually don’t leave my lips dry. They come in attractive packaging and color coded bottoms. I love the finish as well as the faint vanilla fragrance of these lipsticks. I love the shades Cream Cup (My MLBB) , Peach Crush (my first Peachy Shade) , Hot Hot Hot and Pink Passion . These used to retail at Rs 250 but now they are sold at Rs 299 per shade.


[su_highlight background=”#f8b9ed”]#10 Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color:[/su_highlight]


Best Budget Lipsticks In India- Coloressence Lipstick
Best Budget Lipsticks In India – Coloresence lipsticks

Honestly I personally have not used any shades from this range but my aunt uses them and she’s quite satisfied with these. They are very affordable and have a good color range. These lipsticks retail at Rs 175 per shade and give good color payoff. They are not as creamy as most lipsticks but similar to Lakme’s Enrich range.


[su_note note_color=”#e6fdf9″ radius=”4″]

I hope this post will help you Girls get some good finds for your Makeup collection.

Honestly I bought a lot of shades in College life from Maybelline, Lakme, Streetwear , Rimmel , faces and more brands and still some of them are my favorites.

Keep checking out new shades and experiment with your looks .

Most of these lipstick ranges have many shades to choose from and if you’re patient enough you will see them with discounted rates both online and offline.


Next week we will bring some budget friendly lipglosses for College Going Girls.







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  1. All these lipsticks are surely budgetfriendly and have a variety of shades… A very helpful list for those who dont spend much money on makeup products.

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