Looking Up To my Parents


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Parents are really precious for any child and it is them who nurture a child into the person they become later on. A parent is a guide, a friend, the first person a child believes and loves. It is the same thing that happened to me. I  have always been a Daddy’s little girl and love my dad the most. I have been too fond of him since I was a child.  I present my story of Motivation and Positivity inspired by https://housing.com/lookup

Today I may be an independent woman who can support herself without his help, or teach him the ways of the modern times but surely he will stay as my hero. My dad is a busy person and has ey little time to spare for the family. He is busy with his Duty as the Branch Manager in a Nationalised Bank. I was born in kolkata but from the early years stayed at a small Town named ‘Katwa’ in Burdwan, West Bengal. It was a town without proper facilities, and we used to live in a small two storey house . I still remember how dad’s office was just at the end of the road and I would wait every afternoon to see him walk up to our house from the Balcony.


From Childhood my dad has been the positivity which has guided me to do what I love, eo excel in what I want. I was always shy and many of the time got bullied for being reserved and shy. I got angry a few times and complained to my Dad about hoe I got treated . but my dad, being the best person ever guided me how I should stay true and polite to everyone, irrespective of how they behave with us. I always look up to him for advice.

Even today, whenever I am in stress or trouble I know I will surely feel less stressed if I share my problems with my dad. Last month my Mother go admitted to get her Gall-Bladder stones removed and my Grand mother was also sick. I felt helpless as my Sister had her Annual exams and I did not know how I could manage my work, my sister’s school and my Dad’s daily needs. But my dad assured me that everything will be fine.  And , to be honest it surely went on fine. Me and my Dad worked together and made breakfast and Lunch. I dropped my sister to school while he picked her up. We made up a team and kept everything going normally. At the end of the tiring day, I would always love the half an hour chat we had at the dinner table. I do wait for those 30 minutes each day, that help me realise how lucky I am . . To have an amazing person as my father, who is not only responsible about his Duties at work but also about the Family duties.

I adore his ability to be positive, to be optimistic about every situation. How my dad makes every situation seem easy and guides me to keep on going till I reach my goals. Though optimism might seem elusive in this materialistic world, we do get the positive optimism from our parents, who always guide us towards what is good and what is bad.


Hope this was a good read.


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