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 Hope you all are doing well . Today we want to talk about a special occasion in every woman’s life, Wedding. Weddings are special events in every Girl’s life and it’s also a dear event for a mother . A mother dreams of her Daughter’s marriage since the day she is born . It’s a special day when she reconnects with her daughter and they both share their special moments. If you’re going to be the mother of the bride in a few days, check out some of our collection of Mother of the Bride Dresses Uk :

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Mother of The Bride Dresses :


The Mother of the Bride is at the Spotlight on the special day and if you’re the mother then, we’re sure you would love to look your prettiest for the special day. This beautiful full length gown has a fitted bodice and a wide neck and a beautiful flowy bottom which will surely fit average figured women beautifully. The neckline is perfect for heavy busted women and the color will surely look great on everyone.




If you or your mother are keen on a fitted dress with a more formal look ten choose this gold dress with all over sequins and lace work. the dress has a matching golden bow belt and a fitted jacket for a more formal look. We believe this dress will look great on anyone and if you have a slender frame or a full figure, this will flatter both figures.




This Grey lace mother of the bride dresses is perfect if you’re not ready to wear something too revealing . this dress is subtle enough for older women and will suit your Grand mother too. The fitted dress has lace and embroidery done on the full dress length and the sleeves.  This dress is beautiful and will flatter slender figures well . Try this dress or a similar style in pastel shades too, if you are not really interested in grey shades.




This may be the perfect dress for a mother of the bride.  Golden lace and embroidery work is done all the way from top to the end with a golden matching inner lining. The dress is fitted and will look great for slender frames. The off-shoulder dress is perfect for your daughter’s wedding .  if you decide on something with a metallic finish like this , choose to keep your makeup subtle and wear minimum jewellery.


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This is a great tea length mother of the bride dresses example on how you can look perfect for the special day, without wearing a revealing dress . This tea length dress is perfect for you and has a beautiful embellished net jacket worn over te main dress. matched with a set of metallic heels and a good necklace this will be a great look . You can look for dresses similar to this with a flowy bottom and embellishments and other colors like pastel shades, reds and whites will look equally great.

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  1. Dark blue dress is my favorite. 🙂
    The fashion industry could stand to invest more time and effort designing for older women. It can be so tough to find a good formal attire for women over 50. My mom was wearing something like third dress – Mother Of The Bride Dresses

  2. Hey Shabby,

    I completely agree with you that the bride and her mother want to find the perfect dress to match the vision of the wedding day.

    Once the perfect wedding gown is found,then it’s time to begin the mother of the bride dress search. Thanks you so much for providing wonderful ideas. I will surely consider them for my mother.


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