Thank You Mom For Helping Me Find The Right Way #Together


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As you have guessed , today’s post is a bit different and personal. Nobody has a problem free life. My mom says quite often that if you feel all your problems have been solved, you might not even be alive. There will always be problems and complications in a person’s life but you either suffer from the complications or you deal with it.  Presenting the post inspired by


I was heartbroken about my 10th Class results. I had studied very hard, but somehow I did not get the marks I had hoped for. All of us have had those moments , where you had tried your best but fate had something different for you. I was heartbroken by it, I desperately wanted to study with a  science stream and i did not want to leave my School.  We went from one school to another for admission, but I was not ready to shift my school.


My mother and I had a hard time those few days and finally after being repeatedly suggested to take up Arts . Finally I got enrolled into the Arts section of my school. On one hand I was happy, I was with my old friends; but on the other hand I was not really ready for Arts . after my board examinations I had been preparing since the last few months to take up Science and I had been taking tuitions too, but then shifting to Arts meant starting afresh.

Sometimes it’s hard to start all over again and try new things . I had to do it because I wanted to stay with my School but my mother supported me throughout the period. Not only my mother, but my family supported me and helped me start over and think something new. Firstly I had problems with the new subjects I took and as many of my friends were already ahead of me I had to work really hard .

Having someone to support you really makes a difference and you can have added belief in your skills. Even if you feel that you are not ready, your family can support you to get what you want . The love and support of the family and close ones help you to progress in life, and keep faith in yourself.

There are many times when I have found out that you need someone close to help you succeed in life . helping out does not only mean advice , but being there for every step means a lot . Just being there is sometimes more than helping out. If you’re ever worried about what to do or what should be done, be there with your closed ones for support. You will surely ind your right path and start your new way  #Together.

I hope you have loved reading this post.




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