5 reasons I love wearing loafers

5 reasons why i love loafers

Hello friends,

We all have our Favorite Fashion items, like some of us love our Jeans to death, some of us may even love our LBD’s more than other fashion items. I definitely have a different perspective when I think fashion. For me fashion is what I am comfortable in. I love Comfortable footwear and colorful handbags more than anything else . And by footwear I am not referring to those 5 inch high killer stilettos. I am more of a relaxed and casual dressing person. I hardly wear high heels (though I keep collecting them :P ) and my best friends of my feet are my Flats, especially my Loafers.


Do you know why I love wearing loafers?  let me tell you the 5 Reasons I Love Wearing Loafers.


The First reason is that I love comfortable shoes. Whenever I buy shoes, the main criterion for me is that they have to be Comfortable. I love walking and hate wearing heels for long hours, so comfortable shoes are a must for me. My favorite Loafers make me love them more, since they are very comfortable. They are so comfortable that they do not feel heavy or uncomfortable to walk in.  I also love how these can be breathy and easy to wear at, even in the scorching heat as well as in winters. Men love wearing Loafers too and I’ll say they look great with Casual wear or even with formals.


5 reasons why i love loafers

Secondly, many people believe Loafers are only for men, but, it’s a misconception. Yes, we know that Loafers were mainly worn by Men from the past few decades but that does not mean that it is something only a Man can wear.  Today we wear Boyfriend jeans, Oversized shirts and many other clothing that’s for Men only. So why not give these comfortable Loafers a try? I always add the comfortable touch to my outfits with some loafers. I love wearing a pair of loafers with my Boyfriend jeans and I’m ready to take on the world.  I love a pair of Boyfriend jeans paired with a pair of loafers and some baggy oversized shirt to rock this trend.


Thirdly, Loafers come in so many different colors that I always get confused as to what color to get. If you love pairing or matching your dress and shoes then these are your safest bet. I know, because I do it too. You can get bright colors, natural colors like Tan, Browns, etc. as well as unusual colors in Loafers.

Fourthly, Loafers do not require you to bend, sit or even spare 5 seconds to wear them. I am always in a hurry, even if I am not, wearing footwear is a 10 second deal for me. So you can understand the joy my loafers give me when I can just slip them on and go out in a jiffy. Bye-bye to the hassle of tying laces and adjusting the straps. These are ideal for wearing in a hurry and staying comfortable in throughout the day. I would suggest these for elderly people too, as these are comfortable, stylish and easy to wear.

Lastly, Loafers have been worn by men, women and children for a few decades and they don’t seem to go out of trend. Now I know that when I grab that pair of loafers from the store, I know that they will be in trend and I can enjoy wearing them for a long time. You can pair your loafers with jeans and a tee and then wear a totally formal outfit with the same loafers with equal ease.


The main reason why I simply adore Loafers is that they are made for lazy and Comfort-Seeking people like me. Comfort and fashion go hand in hand when you wear a loafer. Once you wear it, you will know how you can go for a simple casual look for a very formal look with the same pair of shoes, all without torturing yourself with high heels or uncomfortable fits. I say, grab a comfortable pair of Loafers and give them a go once, I’m sure you will understand why I love wearing Loafers.






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