Asus Zenfone 2 : The Best Sidekick to My DSLR

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Most of you know that I’m a total sucker for Pretty Pictures. I love pretty pictures and more than that, love clicking them myself. That’s why my DSLR has been my best friend since it came home. What my Digital camera could not do, my beloved DSLR camera could do it with ease. But carrying it everywhere is a pain, since it’s quite delicate and not to mention Bulky.



But the gadgets Gods have heard my prayers and Behold Asus Zenfone 2 is here. Asus Zenfone 2 is marvelous gadget, and I say that after using Smartphones from most of the renowned brands. Asus Zenfone 2 is a marvel of beauty and Power in the palm of one’s hands- the perfect combination we Gadget Savvy people want.

The Asus Zenfone 2 is the World’s first smartphone to be equipped with 4GB RAM , yes, 4GB. And we all know how important that is; we all have faced the issues of Phone Applications having Delayed response as well as issues of Phone Hanging. But not with this Baby, With 4GB RAM you can, without a problem multitask. It has a dual channel technology which gives you the ability to multitask and the power to transfer data at twice (2X) rates than Smartphones in the same category. It has an even powerful 64Bit Super Quad Core Intel Atom Processor, and 60ms touch responsiveness.

But what amazed me more was the PizelMaster Camera 13MP Rear Cam, along with the 5MP front cam. The specialty of Asus Zenfone is that it gives you 400% Brighter Images in low-light conditions. So, you can take those selfies with ease, even in low lit conditions. It comes with an f/2.0 Aperture and 5 Element lens, no wonder the images come out crisp and beautiful. My DSLR takes f/1.8 aperture images, so you can guess how close Asus Zen one 2 has come in respect to low light image capture. It’s a marvelous companion for all who love clicking pictures. Seriously, if you ask me, I’d love to get such a powerful Device in my pocket, since it’s sleek with 3.9mm edge, 5.5Inches IPS capacitive touchscreen and gives me a 13MP camera with 400% brighter images. Also, it clicks some amazing HDR pictures which give your picture to be equivalent to 52MP. How cool is that?

Asus Zenfone 2 also comes with ZenUI which includes Zen Motion, Snapview, Trend Micro Security and ZenUI Instant Updates, so you get the best user experience too

So , if you’d ask me if I can replace my DSLR with the New Asus Zenfone 2, I will be at loss, because as much as I love my DSLR, I will surely love to Carry Asus Zenfone 2 as it’s handy , will site beautifully in my pocket, purse or hand and click DSLR- quality pictures even in low light .  It’s the best Smartphone in it’s category .




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    1. Ausu Zenfone any day dear .Though I will suggest the 4GB ram version, but this one is also good ..I’m not really a fan of Micromax devices, most of the people I know had them, complained that the devices started to malfunction within a few months . Other than this a quality option is HTC Desire 620G ..I’m using HTC One X+ and belive me since I have it , i’ve started hating the Stock UI experience in Samsung- Micromax phones . Once you use Good Ui like in HTC Sense you won’t want to leave it. And Quality is always a matter for me, and belive me I hate the Qaulity offered by Samsung- Micromax in this 12-15k section. Somehow they don’t feel good in hand- cheap plastic feeling. I love the HTC 820 my BF is using as well as mine. If you ask me I will say : HTC -95% Asus -80+ % and Sony – 70% .. 🙂

      1. thanks a lot for making it all clear, I never had a smartphone, it would be my first purchase, seeing so many options am so damn confused, and i want something which would be easy to use for first time user. 🙂 camera and battery life, are my main concerns.

        1. I’m happy I could help ..basically What I believe is if you’re looking for a good smartphone to invest in that can give you a life of at least a year and half you should go for 20k+ range . Below that it’s not really great in terms of Specs, design and overall usage experience. I’ve got a soft corner for HTC as I said , it’s got one of the best UI’s as per my views. .:) Hope you have a great Smartphone experience.

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