Top 11 Makeup Mistakes To avoid

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 We all make mistakes at one point of time . We are not perfect and hence learn from our mistakes, but many of us end up not even realising that we made a mistake. Even celebrities make makeup mistakes and we could therefore be making mistakes too. Wondering if you’re making any makeup mistakes lately?  Here’s a list of top 11 makeup mistakes to avoid . These makeup mistakes might make you look unnatural and add a few years to your looks. 


Makeup Mistakes To Avoid: 

There are Many Makeup mistakes to Avoid but these might be the most common and most frowned-upon. Read to see if you are making these makeup sins everyday ?

Foundation Woes:

makeup Mistakes To avoid - Wrong foundation

Getting the perfect match for your skin tone might be a hard job , but it’s really vital. If you’re wearing foundation, please make sure you wear the right shade. When you wear wrong shaded foundation , you look either ghastly white or darker than you actually are. And don’t make us start on how bad it looks when you do not match your neck with your face. If you use foundation , make sure you use it on your neck as well so that your face and neck are of the same shade. Otherwise it only seems as the neck and the face are of two totally different persons . Lol.

Bronze goddess :

Tanned woman on black backgound.

In the modern era, a bronzed look is very popular . But as they say, too much of anything is bad, so is too much bronzed. One of the most common makeup mistakes to avoid is to avoid using bronzer too much. We totally love the Bronzed look and believe bronzer can make your facial features more sharp and prominent. You can fake a tan and look gorgeous with a bit of bronzer . The right bronzer and the right blending skills can also help you look slimmer and make your facial features more prominent.

 Highlighting and Contouring :

 makeup Mistakes To avoid - highlighting contouring

highlighting and contouring is an integral part of the makeup process these days. You might try them to make your facial features more prominent but it’s important that you blend it perfectly. Many women have been seen applying highlighters and contouring products wrongly which makes their face look odd and unattractive. if you’re new to makeup practice blending products and try to learn new tricks . A good highlighting and contouring effect is achieved by using the right products for your skin tone and good blending skills.

Obvious Lipliners:

 darker lipliner fail

Yes I know you own a lip liner, but could you please not make it so prominent?  We all use lip liners in shades similar to our lipsticks but if you line your lips with a dark lip liner and fill in with a light lipstick you instantly add a few years to your age. This lip liner trick was popular in the nineties and it looks very bad irrespective of age. Choose a liner close to your lipstick and do away with those extra years.

Eyebrows :

makeup Mistakes To avoid - eyebrow fail

Eyebrows are important for the overall look of your face. Shapely brows make a huge difference to your face and you can definitely do better with shapely brows. Also if you have sparse brows or very light-colored brows always use an eyebrow pencil or gel to fill in the eyebrow and do away with the uneven growth. Make sure you blend in the eyebrow pencil or gel properly so that it look natural .

Also avoid over plucking your eyebrows as thin eyebrows make you look old. Thick eyebrows are in trend and you should definitely grow them and shape them well.

Too Much Makeup :

cakey makeup

There’s a saying that to mcuh of nothing is good, this applies to makeup as well. Too much makeup will automatically make you look older. Most women look best with slight hints of makeup to make their facial features more prominent. If you use too much makeup , your face might look cakey an unnatural . Today, even though some people choose overexxagerated makeup looks, most celebrities and people look best in natural makeup .



Blush :

blush overload

I myself own a few shades of Blush only and that is all that you need. Blush should be used to provide your face a bit of color. Saying that it is necessary that you use the blush at the right place. As using blush in the wrong place will make your makeup look Clownish.

Also keep a light hand while applying makeup and especially blush. Most women prefer using a bit on each application and reapplying to reach the desired color and intensity.

Eye Makeup :

eye makeup fail

Most women prefer a neutral or natural looking makeup for their eyes , yet some love Smokey eye look as well. What ever look you prefer, always use an eye shadow primer to get the best staying power and vibrance from your eye shadows. Use eyeshadow that complement your eyes and does not look too stark or unnatural . Blending is the key to a good eye makeup, so keep blending to achieve the perfect eye makeup. Panda eyes or smudged eyes don’t look good either, so please keep your basics right, apply primer and then do eye makeup. I guess none of us will want to sport the above look.



eyelash fail


Many of us are not born with thick eyelashes and most often than not, your will find that you will need to use fake eyelashes. It’s necessary to use false ashes if you’re going for a special look. Just make sure you use a style that is Ok with the look you want to achieve. Apply eyelashes as close to your natural hairline as possible . Also curl the lashes along with your original hair to make them look natural

More than one features Highlighted:

Highlighting all features

Well, what we believe is that there are only a few person who can carry bold lips along with bold eye makeup. For most of us , it is a sin to carry a bold lip along with bold eye makeup. If you want to wear a bold lip colour , then do keep the eye makeup moderate. If you’re going for a bold eye makeup like smokey eye makeup , keep the lips natural or n*de.


Glitter shimmer overload

We love glitter and shimmer but it’s better you keep shimmers out of your face or use them with a very -Very light hand. Body glitters are included too. Shimmery or Glittery eyes look great but use a very small amount and use proper adhesive to hold the look together. Shimmery lipsticks also don’t usually look good, but it’s your choice. Body glitters should be used with care, it’s the placement that matters.

So that’s all of the Makeup Mistakes To avoid at Any cost .. Hope that you will practice and eliminate any makeup mistakes that you have been making . Hope this has been a good read.



 P.S. I don’t won the images. Taken From Pinterest .

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