10+ Skin Care Tips You Should Definitely Know

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Hello Everyone,

I have not come across a woman who does not want glowing skin. I myself always look out for new therapies, tips tricks or products to make my skin appear better, plump and glowing. But with the fast lifestyle and pressure at work I know many women neglect their skin and hair care and at the end repent for not paying adequate attention. Today I share skin care tips that will surely help you to get glowing and better skin :

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Skin Care Tips

Keep Skin Safe , Use Sunscreen:

10 Skin Care Tips You Should Definitely Know 2

It’s been told a million times and you already know that you need to use Sunscreen¬† . But many of us skip it regularly, don’t we? Even I was guilty of doing it some years back , but now I regularly use Sunscreen and you will be glad to know that the results are noticeable. Just don’t slather on any Sunscreen you find at hand, use a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with PA+++ with UVA and UVB Protection. Check SPF to be at least SPF 40 . Remember that applying it once and forgetting is not also the way to go. Apply it every four to five hours while you’re in the sun.

Munch on Almonds:

There are some simple foods we have seen our fathers and mothers praise their whole life , and now you know why ! Almonds are not only tasty and a great substitute to your fried , calorie rich snacks, but it also is a great source of essential fatty acids. The almonds help keep your skin plump and reduce signs of ageing.

Wash Face Twice a Day:

It is important to wash your face everyday at least twice. but don’t just splash water and pat dry, use a good cleanser / face wash depending on your skin type. Do not use Scrubs daily as they will irritate your skin and use circular motion to apply face wash .

Almond Oil For Eyelashes:

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Some of you may be blessed with thick long eyelashes but many are deprived of it. Also with regular eye makeup and mascara application we lose some eyelashes, but don’t worry . use a clean mascara wand and dip it in Almond Oil , use this on your eyelashes daily before going to bed. Slowly you will see the difference in a month or two months.

Stay hydrated:

Human body is 70% water so it’s only common sense that you consume water daily at a regular interval . Drinking around 8 glasses of water is good for health and your skin too. Your skin looks dehydrated when you take less water . In summers and hot sweaty days make it a fact to drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated from within. it is one of the most basic skin care tips one could follow, so don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Homemade Suntan Removing Face Pack:

Gram flour , when mixed with lemon juice and yogurt makes for a great Suntan removal face pack. Make a paste with a tablespoon of gram flour , a teaspoon of yogurt and a teaspoon of lemon juice or as necessary to make a smooth paste. Add a little bit of water if your skin is sensitive to lemon juice. The lemon juice helps to remove tan and gram flour and yogurt brightens as well as makes skin glow.

Skip Sodium :

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Yes, Sodium, most commonly used as the table salt we all are so familiar with. Salt is responsible for fluid retention in your body, so if you lower your sodium intake you will see that your face seems less puffy. Salt makes our body retain more water than needed , and hence your cheeks, under eyes seem puffy.

Add Seeds to your Diet :

Scientists and even in the scripts of Ayurveda is it said that including nuts and seeds in your diet will improve your skin . Add flax seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts etc in your diet and replace fried snacks with these healthy alternatives.

Exercise :

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Everyone wants that lean toned body but only a few work hard to achieve it. Exercising not only helps to keep your muscles and joints healthy but also helps to flush out the toxins . Also exercising improved blood flow, improves digestion and lots more. Choose a type of exercise you feel interesting and stick to it. It can be walking , jogging,. boxing, Yoga, Zumba, Dancing anything that interests you.


Our skin produces new cells each night and old cells build up on the surface . It is necessary to remove those dead skin cells and it can be done easily with the help of a mild exfoliator. Use homemade exfoliatior or get one from the store. Exfoliation removes the dead skin layer on your face and skin to bring fresh new skin to the surface.


Never skip moisturizer even if it’s summers. If you have oily or combination skin and feel an oil based or regular moisturizer makes you oily or greasy , try a water based or gel based moisturizer like Lotus Acne Gel which moisturizer but does not make you sweaty or oily.

My trainer always stresses out that what we eat is what we are so eat healthy foods ad try to take care of your skin. With a bit of skin care, healthy food habits and lots of sleep your skin will glow from within. Hope you find this article helpful, I will be back with more such articles. So if you like these articles do comment below .  .It will inspire me to do more such articles for you :)




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    1. Hi , you’re right Shatakshi ..Castor oil and oilve oil both are great for the growth of eyelashes . Moreover you can use them as an effective waterproof mascara and liber remover .

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