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Hello Everyone,


Most of you have noticed that there has been no post lately and that’s because I was going through so much these few weeks. But now that everything is falling in place slowly I can finally start blogging once more. Sorry for all those who missed new posts here I promise to bombard you with new posts now and then.



Again I’ve been having massive downtime with Bluehost and I would certainly not recommend it to anyone now. I’ve seen massive downtime like hours and all the while I’ve stopped using plugins, even without visitors and I literally stopped checking it. All the while strangely I was not even updating the website. I’m not really a technical person but I never felt this when I was on Godaddy and I’m literally waiting for October/ November so that I can change to Godaddy or Hostgator once more.


Last but not the least I would say that i am grateful to my Lipstick-a-holic writers since I was not even able to contact them during this period and they were patient enough to wait for me .. Thanks a lot Darlings !


So get ready and wait for the first post which will go live tomorrow 🙂


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  1. I so agree about BlueHost! I am working on converting my wordpress blog to a self-hosted website and the down time without any extra activities is like hours! Especially yesterday! When working all alone on coding, designing and writing, it just gets even more difficult. 😐

    1. I would not recommend it , though they have a good support but for an average site with average hits it is not even working so do not know how large sites would be good for Bluehost. Also they suggested CDN which would have worked but for a starting personal blog it’s tough to support and afford.

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