No More Slow Internet With Airtel 4G, Now Enjoy 4G Speeds at 3G rates

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There’s a funny post going around these days, where women are suggested to test their partner’s temper by providing them slow internet to work on. Well, it may be funny for some, but really ‘slow internet ‘ can be the worst things to happen just when you need some useful information or need to do something urgently.

I have an internet dependent life and slow internet can be a hindrance to work as well as times when we need something urgently. I depend on it for directions, to submit my work, to connect with family, to share my views and many more things, so a fast internet is a requirement for me. Recently, I was faced with a situation where I really needed to send my CV Across to a prospective employer and I gave them word to do it within 15 minutes. But neither my broadband was so slow not to mention my mobile internet which was worse than ever, just when I needed it. Faced with these hindrances I had to hurry to a local cyber cafe to complete the simple task .And this is not the first time, I had been stumped with this slow internet issue since long.

For example, I went to a new town and really needed to find the right direction, but even the leading service provider network could not provide me with a good internet connection to get Google Maps active. Today 3g is available in India but only a few cities offer it, and not to mention it’s costlier than 2g at a good price difference. I was certain that Airtel 4g would be even costlier and beyond the reach of common customers.

But for the first time I was wrong, Airtel has launched nationwide 4G and that too at the rate of 3G internet. Exciting Right? I recently bought a MI 4i and got an Airtel 4g SIM with it but I was certain it would not be of use for me since it would be costlier.


But now that Airtel has launched 4G at the price of 3g I’m sure more and more people will be able to enjoy faster and better internet. The best part is that on you can see all the prices and offers for you including Mobile plans, on the go plans for portable Wi-Fi and Home Broadband Wi-Fi.

Also now you don’t even need to go to the store to change your Sim into a 4G ready sim, you can get your’s delivered to your doorstep for free. I got mine free with my Mi 4i handset which comes 4G ready. .

I can’t wait to turn my 3g sim to Airtel 4g and enjoy uninterrupted videos, faster downloads and super fast browsing. IF you’re excited too just visit the Airtel website and see all the plans and check if your city is 4G ready. If you already have a 4g ready phone, just request for a 4G ready sim. It will be delivered to you without charge and recharge with a 3G pack. Why a 3g pack? Well you’ll enjoy 4G speeds at the price of 3G, nice right? I’m excited to get my sim upgraded at the earliest, and experience high speeds. My get yours upgraded for free and enjoy 4G at the price of 3g.



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