Peppertap: The New Age Of Online Grocery Shopping Review

Hello Everyone,

Most of you might have guessed that I’ve been super busy the whole month. New office assignments as well as family commitments have made me compensate o my Blogging time. Even Saturdays and Sundays, I got engaged with friends and shopping for the upcoming festive season and it became hard to keep up commitment to post regularly. But another thing I forgot totally was my commitment to stock up the fridge before the coming week.



I hate failing commitments, yet I totally forgot to pick up the needed things for mom. It was late and I did not want to go to the local supermarket at 7 PM on a Sunday, to pick up groceries. I had already decided to skip it altogether. But I remembered one way to get Groceries at home. I had the app with me since a few days, but never had the chance to use PepperTap . Since online grocery shopping came into existence I was eager to shop and experience the ease of online grocery shopping. Last night I took the plunge and ordered some products though Peppertap.


If you’re not used to the concept of Online Grocery shopping, Pepeprtap is an online Grocery App, through which you can order Grocery and Housegold items from anywhere and get delivery in 2 hours at your doorstep. So, this eliminates the need to go to the supermarket, find products and then bill them for taking back home. This makes it particular great for busy times when you forget buying grocery or are unable to buy them from local stores.


Last night I needed some simple Grocery store items, so I opened the app to browse if the products were available, and yes they were! I added the products in the bag and created an account with them. I added my address, and my by this time mom joined me as I place my order. Placing the order was a breeze and paying for it was also easy.


PepeprTap’s app is easy to browse and finding the required products is an easy process. The pictures and descriptions help to make the user know what exactly they are ordering and reduce the risk of wrongly ordered products. Not only packaged food, PepperTap also provides the opportunity to order fresh produces, fruits and vegetables. So, whether you’re out of apples for next day’s morning snack, or need spices and mixes for the special dish, peppertap has a great range of products, just for you.

There are different categories of products for you to find easily, like Fruits & Vegetables, Food and Drinks, Staples and Spices, Breakfast and Dairy and last but not the least Bath & Body products. Whether you need soap or soup, Peppertap will help you get that, with just a few steps and in two hours.




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