3 Nail Art Designs that will Take You Through New Year’s Eve


Hello ladies,


Planning for a Christmas party ? Well, we hope you’ve decided upon what to wear and  what makeup look to sport ..but have you decided upon your manicure yet ? Solid colors are so boring, so I have gathered 3 designs I find appealing. Have a look and tell me if you’d love to sport these attractive nail designs on New Year’s Eve !


Nail Art Designs For New Year’s Eve


Nail Art Designs that will Take You Through New Year's Eve 1

 Grey nails and white and black winter inspired designs make this an ideal choice for cold winter nights and the chilly New Year’s Eve.


Royal blue glittery nails make for a great New Year’s Eve manicure hoice. Add to this a large snwflake and voila you have showstpper nails.



These matte and glittery nails will surely work if you’re wearing something glittery for your new year’s eve party. Add soem chunky glitters on your nails for the best effect and use matte nails to make the glitter stand out.


So what do you think ? Do these nails attract your interest ? Will you be giving these a try ?


Let us know !




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