Should You Get Facials in Winter Season?

Should You Get Facials in Winter Season?

Winter seasons mean chilly evenings, cuddling up in your bed with hot coffee and a nice book. It’s the season where you can hide your hands and feet under your winter attire and long boots and forget about painful waxing every fortnight.

Though it’s easy to hide your un-waxed hands and feet and forget about taking care of them, but your face cannot be left unattended in this time too. Every day you go out the first thing people will notice is your face and you need to keep it in top shape throughout the year.

Should You Get Facials in Winter Season_
Should You Get Facials in Winter Season?


During winters there are many days when it’s too gloomy outside with no sunshine at all. However, there is no running from harmful UV rays (Ultraviolet Rays) that still damage the skin, hair and eyes. In winters the facial skin gets dry along with the body skin due to the cold weather, chilly wind. The UV rays also cause damage to the exposed skin. These can make skin appear dull, scaly, and pale and exaggerate dry rough skin. So, what can you do to prevent dry and rough skin during winters? Well, get a facial of course!

So, you may ask yourself if a facial is advisable for the winters. Well, there are studies that suggest that a facial in the winter season not only helps you get rid of the damaged rough skin, it also boosts your confidence, making you shine.

A winter season facial can be beneficial in 3 ways. A facial can cleanse your skin and remove rough dead patches on your skin, improve blood circulation and re-hydrates your skin. Let’s elaborate on the benefits of getting a facial in winters.

Blood Circulation Improved:

The facial peels, facial masks and exfoliants along with the massages done during the Facial process help enhance blood circulation in the face. This improved the appearance of new skin cells that remain under the layer of dead skin that builds up in winters. Winters mean the increase in dead skin so it’s always advisable to get facials done in winters.

Cleanse Your Skin:

If you have skin that’s acne prone and gets breakouts easily then getting a facial can take away all the grime and toxins out of your skin pores. The clogged pores will get cleaned out and you can see skin looking brighter and radiant.

Nourish The Skin:

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Moisturizing is necessary in the winter season since our skin tends to get drier in winters. This makes exfoliation and moisturization important for a healthy skin. End your facial session with a good moisturizer according to your skin type.

Slow The Aging Process:

Reduce the appearance of fine lines with a winter facial as it gives back your skin a smooth texture and improves your skin tone. You can also see your pigmentation reduced with a winter facial so it can be really beneficial to get a facial done in winters.


We hope these mentioned facts are enough to encourage you to get a facial done in winter season. But it’s necessary to get the facial done from professional who uses reputable products and the right techniques. Splurge on yourself and enjoy a relaxing and hydrating facial from a good beauty parlor. Ask your skincare expert or beautician to suggest appropriate products and facial type to get the best results. We hope you enjoy your winter facial and look stunning afterwards!

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