3 Holi Tips to Keep Colors Away from Your Skin and Hair !


Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow is Holi and I hope everyone is gearing up for their Holi parties ! So, I though of letting you know the top three Holi Tips to keep your skin and hair less affected by all the colors and Gullal! First of all, pledge to celebrate Holi in a responsible way without making yourself a problems for anyone around you . Don’t drink and drive and don’t give colors to people who are not happy with it.

Now, moving onto the three tips ! Let’s begin !

Tip 1: Wear full sleeve clothes and cover as much skin as possible. We all know it looked really cool in ‘Yeh Jawani hai Deewani’ when Deepika was playing Holi in shorts, but you’re not Deepika. So, save your skin from harmful colors and keep your hands and feet covered in clothes as much as possible. Wear thick clothes and layer up if you can!

holi tips

Tip 2: Before you get smeared with colors make it a point to apply coconut oil or any thick oil on your skin starting from the hands to feet , don’t forget your face and neck too. Also it’s best to paint your nails with the darkest ever color in your nail paint stack to avoid getting colors in your nails, Also apply lots of oil or vaseline to your cuticle, near your hairline and your ears.

Tip 3: Apply coconut oil to your hair, in good amounts so that your hair is covered with coconut oil evenly. The best way to reduce hair damage is to braid your hair or tie it up in a bun and use a scarf or bandana to cover your hair. Colors can seep into the hairline or your scalp so my best solution would be to wear a small shower cap underneath your bandana or scarf and fully collect all of your hair in it. This way your hair will stay safe. If you have colored hair be really cautious especially if you have light hair color.


So these are the three things you should keep in mind to have a Colorful and Safe Holi ! Enjoy Holi and do go in for a Post Holi Spa session to get your hair and skin rejuvenated after all the harsh effects of the colors.




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