Don’t Walk Away From Household Works ! #ShareTheLoad



Today we have an interesting topic on BAA. Chores and household work is common in any home and for most of us, we’ve seen our mothers step in and do the work, but today, in the new age, it should not be a chore designated to the women only! So today, we talk about #sharetheload !

Gender Inequality or Prejudices against women are not new ! For most of our Country’s existence, Gender Inequality has been a steady part of its culture and more often than not, prejudices against women have staggered it’s growth. Even today, I’m astonished when seemingly labeled as ‘LEARNED MEN’ believe that household work is the responsibility of women.

Some men believe that since their Wife is staying at home, it’s her responsibility to cook, clean, do the dishes, wash the clothes and take care of the children. Even for men who are married to working women, it’s a really common misconception that it’s the wife’s responsibility of cooking, cleaning and washing the clothes.


I remember the times when even I believed that washing clothes and doing household work was my Mom’s duty whereas my father’s duty was to work at office and earn money! Well, most of us have been brought up in households where we have seen women do the household work willingly or unwillingly. But this is not fair for a woman. Even for a stay-at-home woman, it’s not her responsibility to learn and do household chores. Also it’s not the responsibility of a girl child to learn how to cook, clean and wash clothes; just because she’s a woman does not mean she’s entitled to do all the household work.

In advanced societies like USA, it’s everyone’s(All members) responsibility to alternate and do the household work rather than piling it up on the women only. In a few homes in our country too, people have started sharing the load of washing the clothes, keeping the house clean as well as cooking, and that’s a great start!

We are all individuals, and maybe we are different by birth but being a man does not entitle a man to shake off his responsibilities towards his home. Whilst a girl should not be held responsible to do all the household work. A child when brought up in this kind of household will believe that it’s the duty of women to do household work whereas the actual thing is that since both men and women are part of the household, it’s also the duty of the man to help in household chores like cleaning, washing the dishes and cooking!

Many men feel washing clothes is only a woman’s job but if we don’t change this outlook towards this very essential household work, even our children will assume that it’s only a women’s job. If we still give importance to gender specific roles in households we will never create any change in our society.

We must break these futile conceptions about gender specific roles within the home. Even if the men share the load of household work, it does not make them any less of a man. A home is made from the active participation of all members and volunteering to share the load of washing the clothes can be just the first step towards equality within your home.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.




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