Promises to keep, And Miles To Go Before I Sleep #Sadasexy


Hi Everyone,


Happy International Women’s Day! Well, I don’t want to limit the awesomeness of Women in one day , but it’s nice that we have a day to celebrate our Awesomeness! Well, that was quite a mouthful, don’t you think ? Today, I wanted to share some thoughts with you guys!

As a Girl child I’ve always been reminded of the fact that I’m weaker than my male counterparts and thereby should consider slowing my pace down and become less of a ‘tomboy’ ! Yes, I was a tomboy who never dressed up for a family function, someone who cut her hair short, wore jeans and shirts and looked like a boy !

When I met my would be I was still a bit Tom-Boyish and I was still unaware of what ‘LOVE’ meant ! But I realised it with time and when we were just starting off, we , like all other Couples starting off on a relationship made some downright funny Kasams (promises) to each other. Some of them were childish, some dipped in love and some were just outright funny !


So , I’ll spill some of those promises that were made from his part ! Pssst .. .Don’t tell anyone!

So, one day we went on a date and we ate so much I felt like a Barrel. I expressed my concern that I felt as if people can roll me like a barrel and take me to my home. It was a funny thing and in some moments we were talking about gaining weight (For those who know me, I had gained weight those years) and he promised me that even if I become like a barrel he’ll love me like he does me now!

This was quite romantic and I’m happy that he’s been with me, through thick and thin (Literally) and he’s kept his promises.

As a woman, I’ve always been reminded that working is not my priority, earning money is not my priority, and that I should only work to be the Jam earner in my family . But I was adament, I worked hard to establish myself in the field I never ever imagined I would work in. And when I finally asserted to my better half that I’d be working full time all he said was ‘I promise to help you cook when you return home tired; I promise to take care of our future kids when you are too tired to look after them; I promise to give you foot massages too ‘

I guess this was those moments that I belive I’ll cherish all my life, since it shows how much he reall loves and cares for me. As for empowering me, he has always been at my side, supporting me when I needed a hand to hold, encouraging me when i felt like giving up . He accepted my flaws, my passions and my crazy side and I wish he keeps his #kasam of giving me the foot rub ! LOL !


I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda


So what’s your story ? has your partner supoorted you like my Man ?




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