The Best Way To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish

painting fingernails remove nail paint without nail polish

Bare nails are so old fashion today, we all love wearing colorful nail paint every now and then. Some even go a few steps ahead and get French manicure and pedicure done to give their nails a classy look.

I love changing nail paints after three or four days and it’s really essential that the color I’m going to wear is not applied over the previous one. This makes it essential that I remove my nail paints as soon as I decide to apply a new nail color. Nail color removers are easily available at most beauty supply stores and you can buy them easily online too. These removers come in many variants with some having additional caring agents like Vitamin E or oils to nourish the cuticles.


Since nail paint removers mostly contain acetate(Not the non-acetate formulas) these are harsh on the skin and also damaging to the nails. Nail polishes contain harsh chemicals too and can damage the nail beds on the long run. This makes it really important that one only invests in branded and high quality  nail paints from brands they are really confident in. Don’t buy cheap nail paints as they will harm your nails and your skin and remember your hands come in contact with your mouth so it can be really bad choice to invest in cheap nail paints.

remove polish without nail polish

Now, when you’re looking to wear nail paints removing it will also become a task for you. Some prefer to use acetate based nail paint removers which work great but have a harmful effect on nails . I love using non acetate based nail removers with additional vitamins and moisturizers to keep my cuticles happy. But I recently found out that some people are unaware of other techniques that can be used to remove nail polishes without nail polish removers. I recently had a situation when I was too busy to paint my nails which were chipped on the tips. I neglected the chipped nail paint for two days and then when I had to give a presentation to my Boss the day at office I freaked out. It was a vital day and my nails were looking ugly from chipped nail paint. SO, like most women I reached into my bag for my ‘Emergency beauty kit’ and realized I ran out of nail polish remover. I would have felt helpless if I did not know some easy tricks with which I can get the nail paint off my nails without a nail paint remover .I know it can be a problem depending on nail paint removers to remove nail paint when you’re out of it or don’t have access to it. When you’re changing nail paints or trying new nail arts every alternate day, there will be times when you will eventually run out of nail polish remover or require quick and easy removal for nail paints.

I normally use a really handy trick that you can use too , though it takes a bit of patience but when you’re out of nail polish remover, this can save you a lot of hassle. So what can you do? We all have a bottle of old nail polish that we don’t like or don’t wear. Pick a darker shade of polish that you don’t use right now and apply a thick coat of it on the nail. Proceed slowly, one nail at a time so you don’t rush it. Apply a fresh coat on the dark nail paint over your nails and let it sit for 2-5 seconds and then using a cotton ball or paper towel wipe the nail as you would in case of a nail polish remover. The whole nail polish might not get removed in the first try, so keep patience and try multiple times for each nail. Once you have removed all traces of nail paint be sure to apply some vitamin E oil or hand and nail cream to keep your nails healthy and strong after the nail paint removal.

If you’re wearing glitter nail polish it would take several attempts to remove it using this technique, for that you can use Body spray containing alcohol or simple rubbing alcohol to remove the nail paint. Glitter nail polish is harder to remove so you will probably need a strong alcohol based product like rubbing alcohol. But be sure to proceed with care as you don’t want to damage your nails.

So, did you find this trick useful? We all have old nail paints lying here and there and you can use them to help you remove nail paint in emergency situations.



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