Aura Vedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish Sandal Turmeric Review, Price in India

Hi everyone,

It’s been long since I have published anything here and that’s just because I’ve been really lazy to post anything here, but today I’m here with a new review, and it’s about the Aura Vedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish Sandal Turmeric. I have used Aura Vedic aloe Vera gel earlier and loved it. I’ve been having a very hard time keeping my skin tan-free since I’ve to travel every day to office and even on Sundays have really tight schedule, so I can’t spend a lot of time for my skincare. I’ve been using this Skin polish for three weeks and here’s what I think about the Aura Vedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish Sandal Turmeric.

Packaging of Aura Vedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish Sandal Turmeric:


The packagings of all Aura Vedic products are simple. The Skin Polish comes in thick creamy form in a glass tub with a tight screw lid. The pack is sealed with another small plastic lid to prevent it from spilling. The price, ingredients list and other details are mentioned in the product description tag. The product comes double sealed in a plastic outer seal which is great since it’s always good to know that brands care about their customers.

Aura Vedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish Sandal Turmeric :


Aura Vedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish Sandal Turmeric is made from herbal ingredients like Turmeric & red sandalwood powder, kokum butter, mango butter, Beeswax, jojoba Beads, Sunflower oil, Olivem 1000, Oliwax, Polymer Granules, Sandalwood Perfume, Purified Water. The skin polish claims to reduce tanning and pigmentation and also buff away the dull dead skin layer, isn’t that what we all want in our best skincare products.

The instructions say to scoop out a good amount of product and gently use it to scrub on wet skin. The paste is really heavy and moisturizing as it contains oils and natural butters like Mango butter, Kokum butter etc. You only need a little for each use. The granules are small and fine, the granules do not hurt the skin much and can be used to gently massage and buff the facial skin.

My experience of using Aura Vedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish:


I’ve used many face and body scrubs before and I loved how this one was free of harmful chemicals, parabens and SLS. The herbal oils and butters are really nourishing and do not leave my skin feeling dry. I have dry body skin, which makes it essential that the products I use are moisturizing, or else I see flaky skin very easily. I used the Skin polish on my feet and hands and found that it did not clog pores, yet gave a very relaxed and smooth feel to the skin.

It was a bit too moisturizing for my face as my T zone is easily irritated by products containing oil. But after using this face polish, using a light face wash does the trick and gets rid of any oiliness. It has become a aprt of my skin treatment.

After using it for one week (alternate days) I loved that all the dead skin were getting buffed and the tanning was also visibly low. The skin polish is a great product for bath time skin care or for a day of self-pampering.

Price of Aura Vedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish:


This Aura Vedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish comes in a 100gm tub which costs Rs 300. The product has a shelf life of 24 months.

Aura Vedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish in a Glance :


  • Natural Skin polish –Scrub that’s gentle on the skin
  • Really nourishing and does not leave skin dry
  • Contains no SLS, Parabens, chemicals or artificial colors.
  • Leaves Skin feeling rejuvenated and glossy.

 Whats Good and Whats Not:

  • It’s natural which is Great
  • No SLS, parabens, chemicals or fragrances- It’s also good
  • Price is reasonable
  • Might be too heavy for oily skin types

Final Verdict:


I was quite impressed bu the quality of the skin polish. It has a very soothing smell of turmeric and sandalwood, which lingers for a few moments after usage. The small and fine granules scrub easily and gently. Overall I loved using it and it has left my skin smooth for a long time after using it on alternate days for a week. I feel it’s a great way to rejuvinate dull skin without going in for excessively costly procedures like microdermabrasion. Good skincare can work better than anti ageing products, so it’s always great to start early.


So, until next time, have a great weekend ahead guys!




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