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I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Clean and Clear Face Washes and found that while some of them suit me well, the others did not. Today I’m going to review my current favorite face wash – Clean and Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash.

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I was always attracted to the brand Clean and Clear but the Original one was drying out my skin recently. I had good experience using the Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Brightening Berry one, but I was bored;  so I was looking for a good alternative. Bless Big Bazaar that I was just browsing the aisles and got hold of the new version of face washes with neem. My dad has been feeling a certain inclination of everything neem. He’s using a neem toothpaste, a neem soap; and he had been using the VLCC Neem face wash since the last few months.  He said these precise words “Eta te Neem ache, niye ne, bhalo hobe! ” (Translated: This one has neem in it, it will be a good one, take it !). So, we took home a combo pack of a large pack and a smaller 40ml pack.

Price of Clean and Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash:

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The face wash is available in a 40g pack and 80g pack. The 40g pack is available for Rs 55 and the 80g pack is available for Rs 99.

Review of Clean and Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash:

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I used it the first day, rather hesitantly, but I was amazed – I loved it! Read on to know more about how I feel about the Face Wash (P.S I’m afraid whether I’ll be able to stay Unbiased 😛 )

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I’ve been using this face wash as a morning time face wash, along with a mid day face wash session at office, and before going to bed. The texture is like jelly and I love the flip top cap tube pack, which is so easy to toss into any bag and carry around. The easy to squeeze pack is easy to use . The face wash does not have a strong smell and it smeels fresh. The face wash has ingredients of neem and lemon, making it just perfect start to a day. Usually, the first thing I do while I wake up is to wash my face since I have oily T-zone, I just want to get rid of the oils in the morning.

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The face wash lathers well and only a wee bit is needed for each use. The small tube lasted me a good 20-22 days with regular use two to three times, so you will definitely use a large pack for a month and still have some left for a few days. The color of the gel is a pale green> the face wash claims to give back a clear pimple free skin in seven days. Well, I was really having a bad time with a lot of small pimples occurring on my forehead and the T-zone, which I also attributed to the use of the Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel. I use the face wash, without using any other face creams (No night cream, day cream) except Lacto Calamine which I used on the pimples to soothe them.

In five days I saw that the pimples got smaller and started to dry out. Along with daily application of Lacto calamine lotion, the face wash maintained an oil free face for 3-5 hours, so that the pimples had time to heal. The face looks instantly bright after using the face wash, yet it does not feel my face really dry like the Original Clean And Clear face wash.

The bright look subsides after an hour or so, but over time it surely helps the face stay clean, heals pimples and ensures that the face is not really dry.

Should You Get Clean and Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash ?

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If you have Oily skin or combination skin type and are looking for an everyday use face wash that’s mild, brightens face and cleans without drying teh face- this is the one for you. The lemon and neem are both good ingredients. I am definitely buying this again, I’ve used up four tubes of it till now and I’m also keeping one at office for use.


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