Moto Pulse Wireless On Ear Headphones Review – A Belated Birthday Gift


I had my birthday on the 11th of September and I had loads of fun with family and friends this year. My sister and dad were planning to gift me a Headphone but they were not sure which one’s I’d like. Then they thought they’d ask me and later on , forgot. I got the Moto Pulse Bluetooth Wireless On Ear Headphones a few weeks back, nicely wrapped in Golden wrapping paper, as a belate Birthday gift.

Review of Moto Pulse Wireless On Ear Headphones :

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Using wireless headphones were really a new thing for me, as I had been using my Skullcandy In ear headphones which were doing great, until one side got damaged and I had to discard it. The wireless headphones look sleek but are a bit too big for everyday use, IMO.

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The powerful speakers fit well ,and provide good grip. The size can be adjusted according to the wearer’s needs. There are a lot of features provided for lover’s of music.

  • Wireless Freedom : If you’re always on the move and just don’t want to keep chords in the way, these are the best!
  • Big Sound : The sound is not really ‘BIG’ but it’s quite enough for normal people. I loved the clarity and also the volume range which gave me good music output even in the public transports like Auto rickshaw 😛
  • Streamlined design for comfort  : The ‘Pressure free’ headband sits nicely for a perfect fit, though sometimes i feel my head is too small for the headband as it keeps slipping sometimes. I also blame my hair for it 😛

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  • Better connected : We have a 1500 q ft floor and if I leave my phone at the bedroom I can keep listening to the song until the front gate, which is great. It’s really nice for people who are wanting to dance (like me sometimes) or just wants to keep their travels and music sessions wireless.
  • Travel Friendly: This one’s really true! It’s best for the traveling purposes, when I travel for office in public transportation, i keep my phone within the bag and just handle the music from my headphones, gives me so much more flexibility to keep my hands off the mobile for a change.
  • Plenty of Playtime : I charged the headphones fully for one day and I can use it for 1-2 hours use till the sixth and even the seventh day. I might have better performance if I keep a shorter

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Connecting the Moto Pulse Wireless On Ear Headphones with iOS:

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It’s easy to connect it through iOS. Just turn on the headphones and see that a blue light starts to blink on one side. Now go to your iPhone/ iPad and turn on the Bluetooth option and select add a new device. After a moment of search the name ‘Moto Pulse’ shoudl come up in the devices list, just add connect and voila, you’re ready to groove!

You have all the controls in the left ear piece, the On/Off button, the volume high/low buttons which double up as the Next and forward options and the pause button.

Sound Quality:

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Moto Pulse Wireless On Ear Headphones are great in terms of output and offer great bass effects. I have tested Hard rock, classical, fol, Hindi , techno and instrumental music and it plays all of them great. It provides nice voice suppression for teh outside sound, but not as great as the skull candy in-ear ones (As I had expected)

Do I recommend the Moto Pulse Wireless On Ear Headphones ?

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Yes I do, for the people who are willing to go on-ear, these are great. The price is reasonable (Rs 1999 -the price my dad paid) and it’s from a reputed brand. If you want sleek options, that you can use for training purpose, maybe go with on ear ones that are less bulky and more easy to use.

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