4 Nightdresses that your Partner will LOVE

One of the main reasons that people wear a nightdress is that it helps them feel cosy, comfortable, and if the occasion is such, a bit sexy too. I believe that a good nightwear is always a great find. Today we dive into how you can choose a great nightdress, according to your taste or purpose and look great in it. Plus, a few tips to help curvy ladies. 

Pyjama sets : 


Cosy and comfortable pyjama sets are a great companion as everyday nightwear, but it does not need to be boring. I have seen great sets from Indian and foreign brands that cater to a large size as well as suit every day and special occasion needs. Throw on a printed long or three-quarter pant and wear a comfortable cotton top. If you love satin sleepwear, choose a set in satin. 

Babydoll dresses: 


If you are looking to grab the attention of your partner and make things a bit spicy in your bedroom, a babydoll dress is just what you need. But, if you are on the healthier side (Read: wear sizes L or More) then choosing a babydoll can be tough. If you have the budget find more products that have a built-in bra with a babydoll. Since women who are well endowed will need support, its best to go in with an underwired one. You can also find same designs in satin if lace seems a bit too adventurous. I’d suggest that if you can wear an underwired bra with the babydoll, it would be a great addition. With respect to colours, a lot of women prefer red, pink and black as colours for their nighwear. This is because red and pink are considered colours that make women look great and are preferred by most. Black is also a colour considered very classy and also sexy. Lace babydoll dresses are perfect for wedding and honeymoon nightwear. Most babydoll dresses come with lace bikini briefs, hipster briefs or thongs.

Short nightdresses :

Source : Zivame

These are usually short dresses that are mainly available in Cotton or similar comfortable materials and come in so many variations. They can be sleeveless and with sleeves and are usually very easy to wear. Plus, they show just the right bit of skin to help you create a bit of naughtiness in the bedroom. They are also available in satin, with frills and spaghetti straps. For well-endowed women, it’s always great to wear a sleeping bra underneath so that you can sleep peacefully.

Your Partner’s shirt: 


Works great if you can find a pair of comfortable linen or cotton shirt that your partner has worn already. Earlier women did not have a lot of variety, and with the evolution of nighwear for women, this still is a great choice. This makes for a great nighwear as well as perfect to woo your other half. Skip the bottoms if you please, or keep them on. Choose a colourful new one if you are planning to wear it often. 

So these were some of the choices that you can opt for as nighwear and enjoy a great night’s sleep, plus you can woo your partner with the right choice. Do leave a comment and let me know if you enjoyed the post and would love to see content like this often. 

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