About ME

About Me

Hello everyone,

I’m a 24 Year Old makeup Enthusiast, Blogger, Content Writer, newspaper columnist and Student.

I enjoy each and every aspect of my life and try to give my readers the 100% genuine views.

Valentine's Day Look With Lakme and Maybelline - Winged Liner and Bold Lips 10


My Blogging Journey

I was always interested in makeup and I always ended up checking out popular sites for Reviews and swatches since I was in High School. Finally I started my blog ‘The Makeup Lovers’  in 2011 but somehow I was not happy with the way it turned out , so I stopped writing for a while . I started Beautiful As Always in 2013 and Now it’s slowly turning into the Blog I wanted to have.

I try to blog as much as possible. All the products reviewed here are bought by me unless stated otherwise. I try to keep my reviews as detailed as possible so that you can get the full picture.


I have a hectic schedule and only click pictures when I have time. I always try to keep my pictures original and unique so please do not use my pictures without my permission. If you want to use my pictures, please mail me at beautifulasalways2014@gmail.com


Beautiful As Always is not Perfect or Very popular but it’s a part of me, and displays my love for makeup. Please show some love and join my Mailing list and share your comments when you read my posts. I love reading your comments and try to answer any query as soon as possible.

A few Random Facts About My Personal Life

Well, I’m a Virgo by birth and my birth date is quite famous (9/11) . I have always been known to be a simple Girl. I have a close knit family and my friends are limited. I enjoy reading, listening to music(Any kinds) and clicking pictures. I aspire to achieve my goal of striking a balance between my passion(blogging/writing) and my profession.

My skin tone is around MAC NC40, I have oily to combination skin which was not prone to Acne, recently I have been having a few pimples here and there. I have dry body skin which tends to become drier in the winters.

I hope you loved reading about ME . .
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