Top 5 Latest Fashion Trends For Women (Monsoon Special)

Top 5 Latest Fashion Trends For Women

I love monsoons, in fact, most of the people I have met love the monsoon season. After all, who doesn’t love watching it rain outside their window with a cup of hot coffee along with some desi snacks to accompany them? Sounds like a great plan to enjoy the upcoming monsoon season. However, with monsoons ready to hit the country are you ready with your fashion trend meter? . Well, today I bring you 5 fashion trends which you ought to follow if you want to take your fashion trend metre to another level. Without further ado, let’s just get […]

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You are beautiful 

you are beautiful

Hi Everyone,   My blog as you can see is named ‘Beautiful As Always’ and that’s because I believe that beautiful is a word that we all can relate too. Everyone in my opinion is beautiful whether they are size zero or size 8 , whether they are 20 or 40 !  So why do we just call some people beautiful and often feel that we aren’t beautiful ! It’s because of this notion or set structure of beauty that we have to follow! If you have ever seen a fairness ads you’ll see that most (99.99) per cent have […]

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Shopping From AliExpress – My Faves, Great Deals and Questions Answered (FAQ)

AliExpress (1)

Hello Everyone,  I love shopping, and I always try out new shopping websites to shop! Some turn out to be great experiences, and some also go wrong. So, one fine April Afternoon while I was having lunch at office I casually browsed Aliexpress and bought a case for my Iphone. AliExpress has been a part of my shopping ever since and I’ve shopped more than 60 items from them and they are arriving slowly every day ( Or a few days apart). So how do you shop and what do you shop? And how do you pay ? I’ve got all […]

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A Scrumptious Dinner at Heavy Discount – GIRF & Dineout deals


Hello everyone,    I’m a foodie and as you can tell I frequently roam around my city for new places to dine and new cuisines to try. But, sometimes it can get too costly for the pocket. And especially if you’re planning to visit a Five star restaurant or have a Date night at a top class restaurant in the city. Even though I love dining, sometimes budget constraints apply and I look for great deals and offers to enjoy great food at better prices. So, when I heard about the new Dineout  website and app I was thrilled to see […]

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Clean n Clear Natural Bright Face Wash With Rose Water and Honey Review

clean n clear natural bright face wash with rose water and honey review cover

Hi everyone, Today I’m showing you the newest addition to the Clean & Clear Face wash clan, the Clean n Clear Natural Bright Face Wash With Rose Water and Honey. Today, I shall review the new face wash from the series with pictures for you guys to decide, whether you should pick it up or skip it altogether. 

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